New release review

night moves

“He’ll steal your heart and then your car.”

Get revved up for book one in the new fast-paced contemporary m/m romance series from author Kat Cassidy.

Peter Bauer is a hard-living car thief with more skeletons in his closet than four-figure suits. Nikos Petrakis is a career mechanic who’s found himself on the wrong side of the law because of a secret of his own. Brought together by circumstance and a ’65 Shelby Cobra, they’ll have to navigate L.A.’s seedy underbelly in the sweet with heat world of Hot Wire.



A gritty slow burn of a romance. Peter, the kind-hearted car thief, stole my heart from the start. “…Daniels Jr. had leaned in close and whispered something to her that had reduced her to tears. And that had been it; Peter had made a vow to himself right then to steal the car.” And that vow kicks off a whole lot of trouble for Peter who hasn’t had an easy life mainly due to his father. And Nik, ahh my heart ached for him.

The story is an unusual one in the way it is told with interludes between some of the chapters. The main story is told from Peter’s POV but the interludes are mainly from the women’s POV that are featured in the story and provide the backstory for the characters and help explain their actions in the present story.

A darkish tale with a view of the seedy underbelly of LA that ultimately ends happily and leaves the story nicely set up for the next book to continue. A great debut story and I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

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