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Wednesday 2nd March

Book of the week!

What happens when a quiet boy with a secret falls for his best friend?

Finn has always kept people at arm’s length. Being quiet and shy doesn’t get you many friends outside your family, and it’s even harder when you’re running a spicy, secret side project.

But Gem might be the exception to the rule. The game designer is clever, self-deprecating, and appreciates Finn’s affection for all things nerdy. He’s the one man who can find the real Finn… if Finn lets him in.

When Gem asks for Finn’s help opening a new board game store, it brings the two of them closer than ever before. Soon things become complicated as lines of friendship blur between them, and Finn begins to worry Gem will find out his secret.

But maybe that wouldn’t be as bad as it seems. Maybe Gem already knows the secret Finn’s keeping. All he has to do is convince Finn to share…

Finding Finn is a 78,000-word contemporary MM romance featuring late-night shop shenanigans, far too many nosy siblings with no boundaries, two best friends, and some steamy audio fantasies. It contains no love-triangle, no cheating, and no angst.

Only $4.99 / £3.99 or read with KU! Check out our Book of the week

New release!

Could an arranged marriage lead to two people saving the world?

Caspian is on a mission; go to the human realm, form an alliance, and stop the rifts popping up in the fae and human realm. The only problem? Caspian has to play by human customs which involves an alliance through marriage, and to make matters worse, he and his husband-to-be haven’t started off on the right foot.

Ash was raised a prince but his heart always longed to be adventuring. With rifts opening in his realm, and his new fae husband by his side, Ash will finally get to live that dream. But will magic, evil creatures, spreading darkness, and budding feelings be too big of a distraction for Ash to handle?

A Magical Arrangement is a 34k word arranged marriage story between a fae and a human. Inside you’ll find magic, adventure, mpreg, and of course, a happily ever after.

Only $3.99 / £2.94 or read with KU! Check out all our featured new releases 

New release!

“Time cannot erase the love I feel for you, my friend.”

Levi has worked very hard to find a private corner of the world where his past can’t catch up to him. His life, with its fourteen-hour days working in the ranch’s kitchen, is a little humdrum, but he likes it that way. And it’s safe, because he lets no one get close.

While cutting onions one day, Cassidy sees a clip of a documentary on TV, and lo, he sees his old friend Levi, who he’s been looking for for years. The next day, he’s traveling west to Wyoming, taking a job as a chef at a guest ranch.

When Cassidy shows up in his kitchen, Levi’s world is turned upside-down.

A gay m/m cowboy romance with opposites attract, emotional scars, grumpy/sunshine, friends from childhood, and desire that simply won’t go away. A little sweet, a little steamy, with a guaranteed HEA.

Only $4.99 / £4.99 or read with KU! Check out all our featured new releases 

New release!

Aspen didn’t know you could accidentally become Alpha of a Den, but that’s exactly what he just did.

Alpha bear shifter Aspen was ready to begin his new life in the big city. He has a job lined up, a lease signed, and his truck packed. All he has left is to get there. Too bad that’s easier said than done, because his truck picked the middle of nowhere to break down—alongside a bear den’s land of all places. When Aspen seeks permission to spend the night, he plans to keep his head down and just mind his own business and he does, until he hears the scream that changes everything.

Omega bear shifter Lucian hates his den. No, that isn’t fair. It isn’t the den he hates as much as the leadership. When the Alpha he had most of his life died, he crossed his fingers the new one would bring their den into this century. He didn’t—the new Alpha is not only old-school, but also cruel. When rumors of an alpha bear seeking refuge until his truck is repaired reach him, Lucien forms a plan. If he can convince the shifter to take him when he leaves, he can escape this horrible life.

Sneaking out to find the new bear sounded like a great idea, until Lucian gets caught. His den Alpha is a strike first kind of guy, and strike he does. Lucien knows better than to scream, as it only makes the punishments worse, but scream he does, the pain too much to hold inside. A flurry of fur and teeth, a dead Alpha, and the scenting of his fated mate leaves the visiting shifter as their new Alpha.

So much for best laid plans.

An Alpha Bear for Lucian is the first book in the anticipated Bruin Ridge Bear-ginning series, a sweet with knotty heat M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance by the popular writing team of Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart. It features an alpha bear thrown into a role he is woefully unprepared for, an omega whose plans for the future very much did not include being his den’s Alpha Omega, a pack on the verge of collapse, the challenge that changes everything, true love, fated mates, and of course, an adorable baby. If you love your shifters hawt, your omegas strong, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy of An Alpha Bear for Lucian today.

Only $4.99 / £4.99 or read with KU! Check out all our featured new releases 

New release!

“Good boys can keep Daddy’s secrets.”

Out of work and having the worst time of my life. My happiness comes from dressing up, but even that’s expensive. Until I met him. He promised to make me happy. If that was even possible.

Arlo Reid II was a man of secrets. I couldn’t say no to him. He made me feel alive. He was dangerous, but he promised to protect me. There was no way I could go back to my old life after knowing him. And maybe I didn’t have to. What if I was his Boy forever?

It’s difficult being a Daddy in this world. It’s far more difficult to be 199 years old and witness your Boys disappear. But I couldn’t stop. My appetite was insatiable. One look was all it took. He was mine.

Brooks Parker was a picture book, easily read. He was just what I’d been looking for. Sucking on a pacifier in the middle of the club. I had to have him. But was he ready for the real me?

Fast-paced passions often crash and burn. Will their flame ignite for eternity?

VAMPIRE KISSES is an MM paranormal age play romance. The first in the MONSTER DADDIES story series.

Only $2.99 / £2.49 or read with KU! Check out all our featured new releases 

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Venomous snakes for hair.
A glare that will cast people to stone.
Beheaded by the tragic Greek hero, Perseus.

It’s a safe assumption that we all know the basic facts about one of Greek Mythology’s most famous monsters, Medusa; the beautiful maiden cursed and turned into a Gorgon. Her tragic story and death at the hands of the hero, Perseus, has been told countless times for thousands of years.

But the thing with Greek Mythology is just that. They are myths. Narrated, fictional legends as old as time that have been passed down from generation to generation. Time has a way of changing the original tale. So, how can we be sure that the myths we think we know are the real story?

What if important aspects of these myths have been altered? What if the monster wasn’t really a monster at all? What if Medusa wasn’t actually Medusa? What if her name was Meduso? And what if she wasn’t a her, but a him? This is the tale of Meduso and his death at the hands of the hero Perseus’ sword. It is a tale of innocence, love, betrayal, and tragedy.

Only $3.99 / £2.99 or read with KU! Check out all our featured KU books

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