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Wednesday 12th January

Book of the week!

He distracts me from the path God has set me upon. Levi’s yearnings mirror mine, the kind that dominates my will. Incinerates and leaves me powerless to my sinful nature. But I can’t allow it—a fall from grace would ruin us both.

As a Christian counselor, I strive for integrity in helping guide others in God’s will for their lives.

Until a young man walks into my office for premarital counseling—the stranger who ensnared my soul eight months earlier with his bewitching green eyes.

Levi Townson.

The one whose addictive, luscious mouth I can’t cleanse from my memory.

My hunger for another taste of him should assure me of my need for a savior, not shepherd me down the rabbit hole toward depravity.

Levi’s yearnings mirror mine, the kind that dominates my will. Incinerates and leaves me powerless against my sinful nature.

But if we fall from grace, neither of us will escape unscathed.

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New release!

The first book of a new series, one that will take the reader from ancient Egypt to modern-day America. Vampires, witches, and other creatures lurk in the pages of these books, but what is most important is the love they share. Buckle up, you’re about to go for a ride!!

The most ancient of beings who has roamed the earth for countless centuries is ready to take to his slumber, to isolate himself and retreat from society. His nest begged him not to go, but he knew it was time.

Fate stepped in, however, because before he could reach his resting place, he smelled the fear and blood of a human below, and the delicious combination was too hard to resist.

He finds a young man, bloody and bruised, nearly dead from the beating he’d received from the vilest of humans. Neku’s rage at the injustice ends the bigots and he flies away with the dying man.

Knowing that he was near his end, Neku delved into the mind of the human, finding the joy and goodness he thought gone from the world. He couldn’t let this pure soul perish.

Adam was running from his home after he and his sister, Anna, killed their father. He was abusive and terrible, but he knew no one would have believed them. Protecting Anna is what started everything, so he couldn’t fail to protect her now.

Waking in the home of vampires, he is heartbroken that he is one, and that he can’t be with his beloved sister. He could accidentally kill her, the lust for blood was so strong in him.

Then there was his maker, a vampire as ancient as the sands of Egypt, where he was born five thousand years before…and more beautiful than anyone Adam had ever known.

Will Adam survive his new life? Will the quiet one come for them and unleash an army more terrible than they could imagine? Find out in Ancient Blood, the new series by international bestselling author, Rain Carrington!

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DD/lb Romance | Age Difference | Mental Health | Standalone
A sweet, angsty love story of two men who are both nearing their breaking point and desperate to feel something other than grief and yearning. 

Love sucked. Correction: it sucked when you were in love with your parents’ closest friend and he didn’t feel the same. Madigan had always been there for me, from when I was a kid to when I got drafted by the NHL. Then I made the mistake of confessing my feelings for him. I was such a loser.

My bipolar disorder was already difficult to manage as it was; add high anxiety and, most recently, as the cherry on a shit sundae, a suspension from the team that somehow resulted in Madigan wanting to act like a freaking life coach. Why couldn’t he see that I was perfect for him? We even had kink in common! Not that he knew that…

This story takes place in Cara Dee’s Camassia Cove Universe, a fictional town where all books stand on their own, unless otherwise stated, and the reader can jump in wherever they want.

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New release!


Book two in the Hart Consulting series

Working with the guy who turns him on and pisses him off has Nick in a tailspin.

Nick’s trying to get everything together—his life, his job, his family. After leaving the military, he joined both his brothers at Hart Consulting, but he can’t seem to get his shit organized. His brother still won’t speak to his father, his dad is willing to go to crazy lengths to see his brother and Nick has to train for his new job.

Just when he thinks he might have everything under a bit of control, he’s assigned to work with Ax, the only operator who’s able to get under his skin. Nick needs to put his head down and make a good impression on his first assignment with HC. Too bad Ax is determined not to make it easy…

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