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matbSomething’s waiting for Eli. Somebody’s watching his every move…

Eli is used to looking after himself. Single for longer than he’d care to admit, he doesn’t need a man for more than a hookup, not when he’s got his loyal dog, Zeus, by his side.

But one night changes the course of his life. He meets Dominic, an actual copper and not the stripper he thought his best friend had hired for his birthday. Unfortunately for Eli, after his night out celebrating, a gift awaits him at home—but not a pleasant one.

His birthday may be over, but the threats keep coming. Keep escalating. Keep hurting those close to him. Just how far will the monster behind them go? And how much will Eli lose before he can stop them?

Story Contains M/M sexual content and is intended for a mature audience. Please check the trigger warning in the front matter.

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scoop“I don’t normally open up to anyone like this…”

Neil: Until I met Easton Devereux, I had no idea that a single night could change my life. One minute our eyes were meeting in a hotel bar, and the next I was falling hard for him. Instead of holding back like I normally do, I found myself wanting to share every part of myself with Easton—my deepest secrets, my darkest fears, and every inch of my body. Saying goodbye in the morning was the hardest thing I’d had to do in years, and I drove up to Maine lamenting the fact that we only had one night together. Or so I thought…
When Monday morning rolls around, I find myself standing in my brand-new classroom, where I will spend the next year teaching philosophy to the students at an elite private high school. And who is sitting there, drumming his fingers on his desk? None other than my life-changing one-night stand.
“There are things you don’t know about me. Big things.”

Easton: At twenty-three years old, I’m well on my way to achieving my goal of becoming an award-winning journalist. When my boss sends me to the exclusive Laurelhurst Academy to go undercover as a student, I’m over the moon. This is my chance to break a huge story. But everything starts to crumble around me when I find myself face-to-face with the man I slept with—and started falling for—right before arriving at Laurelhurst.

I desperately want to tell Neil the truth about who I am, but blowing my cover is not an option. For one thing, I can’t do anything that might jeopardize the story I’m breaking. But the bigger issue is Neil’s safety, because I was sent to Laurelhurst to uncover the principal’s homophobic hiring and firing practices, and the more Neil knows, the more likely his job will be in jeopardy.
The Scoop is a contemporary romance with student/teacher, hurt/comfort, and hidden relationship themes, plus a very happy ending.

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sweet deal

Almega has flown to the east coast, but it’s taken on a new life. Connecting wealthy alphas with omegas in need of a little pampering,

East Coast Sugar Daddies was only supposed to be a hook-up app, but it’s turned into something so much more.

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