New release review

IMG_0824What happens when a star-gazing professor falls for his hot young housekeeper? One heck of an earthy explosion…

Professor Marek Janos’s genius at analyzing stellar explosions doesn’t apply to his own disordered world. Forgetting to eat, sleep, and leave his lab has triggered some epic personal disasters. When his family insists he hire live-in help, he discovers home life has awesome benefits. His new housekeeper’s smile sparks more energy than a supernova. And the way he moves? It rocks Marek’s galaxy.

Pete Schulz took a tough fall from his high-flying life in Hollywood. But how does a guy whose best skill is getting dirty clean up his act? His new gig with Domesticated Inc seems like a great first step. Keeping house for a nerdy young astrophysics professor is exactly the low-key, no-chance-for-trouble job he needs, right?

Living together is surprisingly easy for both men. And fun. And more than a little hot. It’s when they’re faced with the idea of living apart that the truly messy work begins…

This is a 90,000 word stand-alone novel with two quirky heroes–one who actually likes to vacuum, and one who enjoys studying Weakly Compressible Homogeneous Isoptropic Turbulences.
Pete the housekeeper appears briefly–and messily!–in Unraveling Josh (Ellery College Book 3), and Nick and Josh from Unraveling Josh, make a short–and sweet!–appearance in Professor Adorkable.

aa7e2-fullsizeoutput_622“Life is messy, so messy that I prefer to study faraway stars.”

Professor Adorkable is totally adorkable. I love Marek in all his nerdy, clumsy ways. A man who can get lost in his work and forget to eat or sleep, which explains his need for a live in housekeeper – Pete.

People tend to look after Marek too much which I found a little annoying – he’s a twenty-six year old man but as the story progresses Marek learns to stand on his own two feet and stand up to his family.

I really liked Pete. Back from LA & trying to make up for some questionable acts in his past he doesn’t want Marek to know about. Pete appears in Unraveling Josh which I didn’t know before reading this, but Professor Adorkable can be read as a stand alone.

I am a huge fan of this author’s writing  style and as ever delivers fantastic characterisation and really get inside the characters head. 

The story starts after they have known each a while so it feels a little like the reader is playing catchup but the story is sweet and funny especially when Marek and language factor in. 

The story focuses on them realising they love each other and why they can’t be together.

“Because there is something between us – some energy we generate that connects our hearts.” 

The author has an amazing  ability to draw the story out yet draw you in simultaneously like time slows down.

“Adorkable is the best. I love adorkable. I don’t want anything else.”

Available for purchase at Amazon

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