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We aim to bring you the best LGBT+ romance book deals, the hottest new releases and some awesome giveaways. Happy reading!

Friday 9th August

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wolfAsher Williams is obsessed with love.
It’s probably one of the reasons he makes such a fantastic matchmaker, love guru, and romance expert. And now that he’s in college, it’s finally his turn to shine.

Asher’s relationship advice column in the school newspaper is his strongest matchmaking instrument, especially when it comes to helping hopeless romantics find their soulmates.

But like every heroic quest, there are a few bumps in the road and dragons to slay.
There’s a damsel in distress Asher’s best friend thinks is a psychopath, a handsome prince Asher can’t stop drooling over, and a huge, mysterious roommate Asher can’t help but pester.

It doesn’t matter though. Nothing will stop Asher when it comes to helping people find their true love.
He’s absolutely positive everything will work out in the end.
Because love is always like a fairy tale…right?

* * *

The main romance arc spans across all three novellas. When Red Cried Wolf contains little romance but sets up for the rest of the series.

When Red Cried Wolf is a slow-burn romance with over-the-top characters, fairy tale references, ridiculous texts, and eventually, a happy ever after.

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expose“Brilliantly observed and devilishly demanding. Exposé is a can’t-put-it-down riot. A triumph.” ☆☆☆☆ TheGayUK

Reporters have secrets too, and one celebrity wants revenge.

For years Gay superstar Adam Jaymes has been the victim of press intrusion. The reporters of The Daily Ear, the world’s top selling and most salacious tabloid, have been ruthless in their exploitation of his private life and that of his friends and co-stars. Now with near limitless resources at his fingertips, Jaymes can finally plan his vengeance. And what better way than to publicly expose the lies and private shames of the paper’s own staff? After all, reporters have secrets too.

Exposé is a darkly funny thriller with laugh-out-loud moments that will challenge your views on the tabloid press and keep you guessing until the end as to what is really going on. It has four-star reviews across national newspapers and magazines and is a hit with readers at Amazon and Goodreads.

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square oneXander is angry and fed up with being signed off work for something that was out of his control. He loses himself in alcohol and one-night stands, anything to dull the pain in his head.
Jonah is enjoying the freedom away from his small-town life, living life to the full in a big city. A few weeks away from starting his job as a firefighter, he embraces the nightlife and the men found in the clubs. One man, in particular, catches his eye, and not even exchanging names, they spend a night lost in each other, and then another. Still not bothering to find out any more about each other, they go their separate ways.
Until they find themselves face-to-face at work.
Unable to stay away from each other, they embark on something that soon morphs into so much more. Deeper, more intense, looking a lot like love.
But will it be enough when Jonah hears some life-changing news and he turns to Xander for support?

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enemyIf there’s one thing David Cranston hates, it’s Luis Montgomery.

When he finds out they’ve both been invited to participate in a floral contest that could make or break both of their careers, David dives in, ready to win.
But there’s only one problem, and there’s only one bed.

David and Luis are forced together and tension isn’t the only thing running hot between the two of them. David realizes he wants to come out on top…in more ways than one.

A drunken night and a hungover morning leave both men regretting actions that found them a little bit too close. Unfortunately, they keep getting closer, and closer, until the lines between hate and desire blur into something far more complicated than either of them bargained for.

Back home, Luis and David struggle to make sense of their feelings, and Luis has to face some hard truths. He thought he hated David and his roses and his baby’s breath and his lemon verbena lotion, but he was so wrong.

Because if there’s one thing Luis Montgomery loves, it’s David Cranston.

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Deals of the day

Thursday 21st March


We aim to bring you the best LGBT+ romance book deals, the hottest new releases and some awesome giveaways. Happy reading!

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running offParris: I spent a lifetime in Umberland one weekend. That’s what it’s like in small towns, and also why I don’t come back too often. I never felt I fit in, until I left. Life as an international photographer suits me a lot better than life in this sleepy little town. But I promised to stay a few weeks to appease my mom. Things take a turn for the worse when I accidentally hit an off-leash dog, but when we get to the vet, I find out this dog’s owner is a hot mechanic. While I’m stuck here, I figure I’ll get to know him — wink wink — to stave off the inevitable boredom.

Once he forgives me, things with Caleb move fast. He’s tougher to let go of than I dreamed anyone or anything could be. But I’m here for a good time, not a long time. And it’s time for me to fly.

How come it doesn’t feel so good to run off and escape my hometown? Why do I miss him so much? And how is Umberland feeling less like a jail, and more like… my home?

Caleb: Umberland is my life. I’m a good son. I take care of my mom–she and her therapy dog need me. So when some playboy hotshot hits Mom’s dog with his car, I’m ready to blow. But then he turns out to be really kind, and… really s*xy. He makes me feel things I haven’t felt in, maybe, ever. We get close. And I start to dream of more.

But like I said, I’m a good son. I’m the only one who can take care of mom, so I won’t get involved with a player. But she likes Parris. And when she starts to push me out of the nest, it hurts to realize that I might be the one holding myself back.

Running Off is the fifth book in the Rainier Family series and can be read on its own. 55k words of heart-warming, star-crossed, meant-to-be love, growing up and out, busybody Rainiers, and a whole big, bustling, small-town family waiting for its HEA.

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up in flamesAvery Syracuse is a New York transplant with the Skeenville Fire Department. He’s a little rough around the edges, but loveable. Down on his luck in the romance department, he could use some help with the bills and is looking for a roommate when new transfer, Luke Turner arrives.

Luke is one of the best firemen Avery has ever seen, and it doesn’t make sense for Luke to be wasting his time in Skeenville. The two men have an instant connection, although Luke has never been into guys before. While Avery is very attracted to Luke, he knows there is something the guy is hiding, and he’s worried that if they get involved, this secret may come around and bite him in the ass one day.

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other half“Of course I’d end up owning a house with the stranger I tongue-kissed while high at a funeral. It’s like the only possible outcome with me.”

Chris Solomon has it all – a career, a New York apartment, a hot model fiancé, and a wedding to plan. Then there’s the house in New Hampshire, a historic farmhouse belonging to his childless Aunt Becky, a prize that Chris’s family always expected would be divided between Chris and his sister Josephine.

So comes as something of a shock when Aunt Becky dies and leaves Josephine’s half of the house to a pansexual male stripper named Jody Ohanian.

When Chris’s life and relationship explode in dramatic fashion, he heads for the peace and quiet of New Hampshire, only to find that the sexy, unconventional Jody has already moved into his half of the house. And that the place looks a cross between Grey Gardens and The Money Pit.

It’s the last place in the world Chris anticipates finding comfort or joy, but love has a habit of blooming where you least expect it.

The characters in this 80,000 word novel are far from perfect, so if all infidelity offends you, best skip this one.

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IMG_0661A mystery sexter, a hookup, and some sexy yoga times…but real life isn’t all rosy sunsets and walks along the beach.

Jasper is licking his wounds in paradise after being dumped, according to his ex, for someone more adventurous. The romantic Hawaiian getaway for two he booked hadn’t featured his sister as his plus one, but sometimes real life sucks.

For the two weeks he’s there his plans include hot dates with a sun lounger and working his way through the local craft beers. Nothing more.

Until he receives a sext from a wrong number. A mystery yoga instructor offering a private session to teach him the plow, and maybe even get plowed. Jasper’s never had a hookup with anyone before, but perhaps it’s time to prove his ex wrong.

One night with Tamal, no matter how hot it is, isn’t enough, yet that doesn’t change the fact this thing between them can’t last. Because time is running out. Jasper has to leave, has to return to London and real life.

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Always check to make sure the discounted price is still valid before purchase as some deals may have expired or deals may not be available in your local Amazon store.