Series spotlight

The Situationship Series


Jesse H Reign

Book One

It’s official, my step bro is the biggest himbo ever to himbo.

He’s a massive blond beefcake with a soft heart and an over-eager smile. The mere sight of him incites a shaking hot rage in me.

He’s everywhere. He’s around me all the time. So sweet and gentle it makes me feel wild. I see him and smell him everywhere. And when I can’t see him or smell him, I hear him. The wall between our bedrooms is paper thin. I can’t help it – I hear what he does in his room when he thinks he’s alone. I hear everything.

I know I shouldn’t do it. It’s obviously a terrible, terrible idea. Still, I bide my time. I wait, and I wait, and finally, I pounce.

“Luke! I know what you’re doing in there.”

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By the time I lose count of how many times Luke has kissed a guy, I feel drunker than I did the first time I kissed him, his lips are stained dark pink, and both of us have our hands in the other one’s pants. We kiss until we’re unsteady, taking turns to push each other up against the wall and jerk each other off until neither of us have a drop left to give, and we hear our parents pull into the driveway.

About the author

Jesse H Reign writes contemporary and paranormal MM romance. Whether her characters are born magical, or whether magic is something they make between the sheets, she strives to take the reader into the mind of the narrator. Her goal is to leave readers feeling like they’ve made a new friend, or have spent a few hours flirting with a brand-new book boyfriend.

Jesse loves coffee, chocolate and daydreaming, in no particular order. She loves conflicted characters, lust at first sight and angst – no seriously, ALL the angst.

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