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Thursday 30th March

Book of the week!

threesA single phone call changes the perfectly-balanced V-relationship husbands Elliott and Luc, and Luc’s Dom/boyfriend, Leo, have maintained for years. If they’re brave enough to take the chance, they could build something even stronger for all of them together.

Elliott thrives on routine: teaching college literature, caring for his dogs, and unconditionally loving his husband, Luc. Whether that means building a recording studio for Luc’s burgeoning career as a pet care influencer or supporting Luc’s love for his Dom, Elliott is there for him no matter what.

Luc is the luckiest man in the world. His pet care YouTube channel is poised to launch into a real career, Elliott gives him the solid foundation he needs, and Leo provides the domination and structure he craves. Wherever the winds of fame take him, he’s secure in the knowledge that both his husband and his lover will be his wings.

Leo knows no one would look at his wheelchair and think “Dom,” but frankly, he doesn’t care. He survived the accident that paralyzed him, as well as a health crisis that almost killed him, and his reward is Luc, kneeling at his feet in complete devotion and perfect submission.

These three men have balanced work, home, love, and play in an open and consensual V-relationship for several years…until a single phone call rocks their world. Once the shock wears off, the new dynamic between them could destroy everything or build something stronger if they’re brave enough to take the chance.

Love Comes in Threes is an emotional, somewhat angsty MMM romance featuring a consensual V-relationship (i.e., no cheating), and an HEA for all three men. It contains a Dom on wheels, Really Big Floofy Dogs, and mouthwatering Greek pastries, as well as light kink and a D/s relationship.

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alluringLove isn’t an option for Hunter, but it’s impossible to ignore his desire for Ryder and Cesare. Will he risk everything for a chance to be with them?

Hunter is trapped in the realm of dark desires. He’s at the mercy of a brutal man, who derives great pleasure from inflicting painful punishments. His body is no longer his own, but he refuses to be defeated. Hunter has a reason to fight, and he’s determined to win his freedom at any cost.

When Ryder and Cesare are pulled into his dangerous world of intrigue, Hunter can’t resist the temptation the two men present him. Showing interest in either of them would put them at risk of retribution from the deranged psychopath who controls him. But he selfishly wants them both, consequences be damned.

Alluring Attraction is the first book in the Illicit Illusions series. It is continued in Developing Desires, then concludes with a HEA in Embracing Euphoria. This series is a dark hurt/comfort, romantic suspense, gay romance and must be read in order to understand the full story. The first two books are M/M, building to an M/M/M relationship in the final book.

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moreAugie has been in love with his straight best friend for years. But what happens when they fake date and he discovers that Ambrose has similar feelings and isn’t as straight as he assumed?

Ambrose O’Rourke

Being friends with Augie has taught me a lot about myself, including the fact that I’m not nearly as straight as I suspected. He awakens something deep inside of me that yearns for more than just his friendship—I want his love. But he dismisses my shameless flirting as nothing more than a joke. Clearly, if I’m going to win his heart, I’ll have to get creative.

Fortunately, a golden opportunity presents itself for us to pretend to date each other, which is the perfect chance I need. He thinks it’s something fun we’ll laugh about later, but my goal is to show him that I’m such an awesome fake boyfriend that he’ll want me to keep me as his real one. Sure, it could go spectacularly wrong. But it might work out perfectly, right?

Augie Murphy

Ambrose knows everything about me except for two very important secrets: I’m bisexual and madly in love with him. I was doing fine until my straight best friend decides to turn his charm factor up to blinding while flirting with me like he actually wants me to respond to his heated teasing. How am I supposed to resist as it becomes harder not calling his bluff and kissing him until he falls in love with me for real? But since he thinks I’m as straight as him, I can’t risk doing something so stupid, no matter how hot it would be.

I’m finally pushed to my breaking point when he concocts an absurd plan for us to pretend to be bisexual boyfriends looking to hook up with women as a way to spice up our relationship. I should say no, but it’s too much temptation to resist when it’s the closest I’ll ever get to dating him for real. Even if we’re pretending for only one night, I need to know what it’s like to be loved by him.

The boundaries of our friendship quickly start to blur as we act out my dream life. Do I dare hope that this bad idea might turn my fake boyfriend for a night into my real one forever?

Love Means More is the second book in the Good Bad Idea series and part of the Sunnyside universe. This novel features a friends to lovers, bi awakening, fake dating, mutual pining, gay romance. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and low angst stories that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll enjoy this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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mobsterThe Mob sent him to kill me, but he owed me a debt…

Years ago I saved his life, and we spent one hot night together before he disappeared. Now this bad boy’s all grown up, and living a dangerous life. But when his Family decides to send a message to my father, it’s my life on the line.

Only he can’t bring himself to do it when he realizes who I am.

He bargains for my life.

He argues to keep me as a hostage instead of killing me.

He even agrees to marry me, but not for love.

Marrying me is the only way he can repay his debt to me.

He tells me he’ll keep me alive only as long as his Boss allows it.

What he doesn’t know is that I’ve loved him since the first moment I laid eyes on him. I’ll take him any way I can get him. Sleeping with the enemy never felt so good…

But is there someone else who wants me dead?

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fightA bad boy who lives outside the law. A compassionate soul focused on helping others. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken… for love.

Helping my brother was my focus. He got into trouble and I’ve been using my skills in the ring to prevent loan sharks from breaking his kneecaps… or worse.
Until I met Noah.
He’s a good man who makes me want to be better. A man who doesn’t lace up his gloves and step into underground rings. But I have one last fight coming. This time the stakes are higher than ever. What I have to do to save my brother could cost me the man I’m falling for.

I should have walked away and never looked back when I first met the MMA fighter with honey-gold eyes. Yet Caden’s charms are too appealing to ignore. As a social worker it’s important for me to keep my nose clean.
And Caden is a red flag in every way.
Still, he’s hot as sin and I can’t seem to stay away. I’m taking a risk by opening myself up to him, but I’m convinced beneath that bad boy exterior beats the heart of a good man who is worth the fight.

Worth the Fight is an opposites attract MM romance. It is book one of the Winning at Love series, a collection of standalone gay romance stories featuring MMA fighters and hockey and football playing heroes. Expect different tropes like enemies to lovers, GFY/bi-awakening, forbidden romance, single dads, found families and happily ever afters.

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cuffsIt took one day to strip an Archangel of everything he held dear.

On the battlefield of Heaven, Uriel lost more than his left ear. He lost his Committeds and his will to live. Decades later, he’s drowning himself at the bottom of a bottle, with no escape in sight. He tried to end his misery, but death didn’t take. Resigned to suffering eternity alone with only the ghosts of the ones he lost as company, the last thing Uriel wants is a new love.

It took one day for a hybrid to fall in love with a broken, lost Archangel.

As the hybrid spawn of Lucifer, Jesse isn’t exactly popular with angels; carrying the face of a monster tends to have that effect. So, he keeps his head down and secretly prays for the day someone can see past his golden eyes to the soul inside—the soul desperate for the solace only surrender can provide.

A grieving Archangel searching for hope and a reason to live. A hybrid yearning for a firm, loving hand, and a place to belong. Join Uriel and Jesse as they test the boundaries of love and the infinite limits of grace.

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