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Saturday 11th March

Series spotlight!

srsThe world is splintered. Humans and Paranormals forced to live side by side, both hating the other. The agents of P.I.S. (Paranormal Investigative Services) are always facing new threats from kidnapped paranormal kids to someone murdering their kind for their abilities. Every case brings a new set of challenges these agents face with a little humor and a lot of tenacity.

Buy book 1 for only $3.99 / £3.99 or read the whole series on KU at Amazon

New release!

skunkEdric is hoping to find someone who accepts him for who he is…he ends up meeting the two.

Alpha skunk shifter Edric had his life planned out for him since birth. Edric would mate the alpha’s omega son and become next in line for the position. It’s not what he longs to do, but it is his destiny, or so he thinks.

Everything falls apart when his scent doesn’t appear on his twenty-fifth birthday. Rejected by his surfeit for being broken and unfit, he has no choice but to leave and begin a new life.

Alpha Tibetan fox shifter Dakota loves to travel and, when he sees a vlogger who traveled across the county and up to Alaska, it sounds like the best idea ever. And maybe it would’ve been if some jerk didn’t run his bike off the road, destroying it and giving him a foot injury even his beast can’t repair.

Omega Wolf shifter Leif transfers to Animals SD after he begins dreaming of the ocean. He has no idea why he’s called there, but it feels right. One night at the beach, he scents the reason why. If only his fated mates were as excited to meet him as he is about them.

The Skunk, the Tibetan Fox, and Their Wolf Omega is a standalone sweet with knotty heat M/M/M shifter mpreg romance set in the world of Omegas of Animals SD. It features an alpha skunk rejected by his surfeit, a Tibetan wolf broken beyond repair, an omega wolf who sees them both as the treasures they are, the acceptance everyone deserves, true love, fated mates, adorable babies, friends from Animals and Animals SD, and a guaranteed HEA.

Buy for only $4.99 / £4.18 or read with KU at Amazon
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New audio release!

audioOne night isn’t supposed to lead to love.

Jamie Stone is rich, beautiful, and bored out of his skull. The past few years have been an endless round of parties, and the decadence has lost its luster. When a late night decision to get away lands him in the small seaside town of Heather Bay, Jamie’s convinced he’s made a mistake.

Heather Bay is no Ibiza, but it does have Will.

Will is stressed, stretched, and doesn’t have time for anything but work. He’s too busy trying to keep his head above water to focus on the London party boy who keeps ending up in his bed. Jamie is nothing but a distraction, but Will can’t resist coming back for more, especially with the harsh realities of farming nipping at his heels.

With the clock ticking on Jamie’s stay and the chaos of lambing season fast approaching, both men will have to look beyond themselves and let go of their fears. If they can, they might find the one thing they’ve always needed.

Like I Needed is a steamy and sweet hook-ups to lovers contemporary MM romance featuring a city boy with a hedonistic reputation, a gruff farmer in need of a break, endless amounts of snow, friends with no boundaries, terrible scrambled eggs, and the breathtaking beauty of the Yorkshire moors.

New audio release at Amazon 
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New release!

destructiveParrish Turner has always been my ultimate fantasy. He was my gay awakening, my sweetest torture, and my forbidden fruit ever since my father remarried and merged our families.

And he never even noticed me. The most I got from him was a passing growl. And it was enough to make me wild with desire. Until he left.

Now, five years after I’d last seen him, we’re back in the same house. Even worse, we’re in tight quarters, forced to share the same bed. Luckily, it’s only for a couple of weeks.

But that is long enough for my will to cave in. Especially now that I’ve got nothing else to lose and Parrish is starting to tease me in ways I can’t interpret. Either he’s trying to bully me for fun, or he’s flirting. With him, the two are never far apart.

He blurs the line between right and wrong. And I can’t resist the temptation that could only ever end in the destruction of whatever family we have left.

Destructive Relations is the first novel in the Destined to Fail series. You can expect forced proximity (only one bed), two young men who hate each other, forbidden love, heart, heat, humor, and a happily ever after.

Buy for only $3.99 / £3.49 or read with KU at Amazon
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New release!

worthHari Begum had barely begun to live when his own parents had sold him to work in the human mines. Betrayed by the people who he was supposed to have trusted, when he was finally freed forty years later, the only thing Hari wanted was to be left alone so no one could ever hurt him again.

Rus Kartal was known for always having a plan, as well as several back up plans, to get him in and out of a place safely. It was why he’d been hired by tech guru Yosi to protect him and Salvation Island. When he met his mate, who didn’t even know what mates were, plans became a thing of the past when he had to adapt each encounter to what Hari needed instead of what he’d imagined would happen when finally meeting the one meant for him.

Will Hari be able to trust his own mate when he didn’t even understand what that meant?

When the humans attack the island, Rus sets out to prove he not only will protect Hari at all costs, but his mate can trust him.

But will Rus be able to show Hari he is Worth Saving?

Buy for only $4.99 / £4.15 at Amazon / Other retailers
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New release!

sanctuaryForced to leave Earth earlier than planned, Jon returns to a Daran that is on the verge of civil war.

The threats to Jon escalate after news concerning his hybrid DNA is publicly released, bringing the conflict to the breaking point, his life held in the balance.

Knowing he will be on ‘house arrest’ again doesn’t soften its impact on Jon, and he chafes under his inability to help his life mate in any way.

The situation isn’t helped by Talin’s militant acceptance of his Warrior mentality, and his threats to Jon, even given for his safety, feel like betrayal.

Jon wants to return to Earth for his sister Emma’s wedding. He wants Talin to be the Daranii he’s bonded to, not the Warrior who commands him.

Will their relationship survive what Talin must do to protect him?

Can Jon accept the sacrifices made on his behalf without sacrificing himself?

Buy for only $3.99 / £3.99 or read with KU at Amazon
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Free with Kindle Unlimited!

homeEvan Rhodes left his small town when it became clear his family and friends wouldn’t support him. After spending time in the military, he moved to Chicago, became a reporter, and found friends who became the family he needed and never had growing up.

When a former teacher passes away leaving Evan the sole person responsible for his estate, Evan must return to the town he left and face the demons of his past. Will he find something he never expected?

Coming Home is a sweet MM romance that follows Evan as he returns home to deal with his past and possibly find his own happily ever after.

Buy for only $3.99 / £3.31 or read with KU at Amazon

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