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Tuesday 7th March

New release!

worthHari Begum had barely begun to live when his own parents had sold him to work in the human mines. Betrayed by the people who he was supposed to have trusted, when he was finally freed forty years later, the only thing Hari wanted was to be left alone so no one could ever hurt him again.

Rus Kartal was known for always having a plan, as well as several back up plans, to get him in and out of a place safely. It was why he’d been hired by tech guru Yosi to protect him and Salvation Island. When he met his mate, who didn’t even know what mates were, plans became a thing of the past when he had to adapt each encounter to what Hari needed instead of what he’d imagined would happen when finally meeting the one meant for him.

Will Hari be able to trust his own mate when he didn’t even understand what that meant?

When the humans attack the island, Rus sets out to prove he not only will protect Hari at all costs, but his mate can trust him.

But will Rus be able to show Hari he is Worth Saving?

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royalMy crown never weighed as heavy as when I had to leave the guy I love.


My life is nothing like a fairytale. Weighed down by duty and constantly watched, I hope to find a little freedom at Highgate.

Nobody knows who I really am; the Andalonian Heir Apparent. Not even the embarrassingly handsome Joshua Sterling.
He makes living seem easy. He makes falling in love effortless. He makes me believe in fairytales.

But the price of falling in love with an American boy is steep. The duty I’ve carried my entire life — the duty that had kept me away from taking a risk and living my best — reminds me that we’re nothing but a passing fancy.

With every lie I speak, I bury myself deeper. Whenever I miss a chance to tell him who I am, I lose him a little more. And when I love him the most, a disaster strikes. My lies catch up with me and I risk losing more than just my crown. I risk losing the best guy I’ve ever met.

A prince should not need a knight in shining armor. But this prince wants nothing else.


Trailed by his bodyguards and deliciously strange, Mateo Garcia is like nobody I’ve ever crossed paths with. My reputation isn’t exaggerated. I’ve crossed paths with plenty of hot guys. Not a single one of them looked past what I was ready to show. Not like Mateo.

His enigmatic presence tempts me to share my deepest fears and sweetest secrets. His innocence makes me want to be more than just a one-time fling.

Here’s a guy who could love me, I think. Here’s a guy I could love back just the same.

But when he touches my wildest desires and when the promise of a little happiness is too sweet to resist, I discover that he’s nothing like what he said. He is a prince suffocated by tradition and expectations. And what does that make me? A rebellious experiment and a college flame.

Mateo taught me how to fall in love. Then, he taught me how badly a heartbreak hurts.

Maybe I’m better off living the way I used to. Maybe a pretty face and a hot body is all I’m worth. But his departure rips a hole in my chest that no amount of hookups could fill.

The Royal Roommate Disaster is the second book in Frat Brats of Santa Barbara series. It features one bad-boy-turned-nice, one sweet, secret prince who wants to break free, all the steam you can handle, heart-melting sweetness, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It can be read on its own, but it’s just more fun to read it after The Fake Boyfriends Debacle.

Buy for only $0.99 or read with KU at Amazon 

New release!

sanctuaryForced to leave Earth earlier than planned, Jon returns to a Daran that is on the verge of civil war.

The threats to Jon escalate after news concerning his hybrid DNA is publicly released, bringing the conflict to the breaking point, his life held in the balance.

Knowing he will be on ‘house arrest’ again doesn’t soften its impact on Jon, and he chafes under his inability to help his life mate in any way.

The situation isn’t helped by Talin’s militant acceptance of his Warrior mentality, and his threats to Jon, even given for his safety, feel like betrayal.

Jon wants to return to Earth for his sister Emma’s wedding. He wants Talin to be the Daranii he’s bonded to, not the Warrior who commands him.

Will their relationship survive what Talin must do to protect him?

Can Jon accept the sacrifices made on his behalf without sacrificing himself?

Buy for only $3.99 / £3.99 or read with KU at Amazon
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Regular low price!

homeEvan Rhodes left his small town when it became clear his family and friends wouldn’t support him. After spending time in the military, he moved to Chicago, became a reporter, and found friends who became the family he needed and never had growing up.

When a former teacher passes away leaving Evan the sole person responsible for his estate, Evan must return to the town he left and face the demons of his past. Will he find something he never expected?

Coming Home is a sweet MM romance that follows Evan as he returns home to deal with his past and possibly find his own happily ever after.

Buy for only $3.99 / £3.31 or read with KU at Amazon

New release!

mistletangoA between-jobs vacation was all Angelo expected from Buenos Aires. When it turned into a holiday fling, he wasn’t about to say no.

Ramon’s impulsive trip to Argentina started off as a disaster. The cute dance teacher offering a room share? An early Christmas present. The night dancing tango? A revelation.

The next week turns into a series of great dates, the kind that would take months to set up in real life. By day two, they both wish they’d met long ago, in California, where they both grew up. But while Ramon’s heading back there, Angie’s bound for North Carolina.

Angie leaves Argentina with a head full of plans and wishes, but no regrets. Ramon goes home with a plan of his own, determined to turn some wishes into reality. On New Year’s Day, Angie finds Ramon on his doorstep. Will they find a way to dance into the future together?

Buy for only $4.99 / £4.15 at Amazon / JMS / Barnes & Noble / Kobo
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