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Tuesday 7th February

Book of the week!

croftonAfter making a decision that will change his life forever, Robin Flint arrives at Crofton Hall, looking for a place to recover and start again. Love is not enough to continue living a lie.

An unexpected meeting where sparks fly was meant to be a one off, but Simon MacLove is just too wonderful to cast aside. But since Robin hadn’t intended to continue things, Robin didn’t tell Simon, a local police officer, that he was a millionaire trust fund baby and the future Viscount Whetford. Robin has a lot of baggage, but so does Simon, and whether they can carry it together and is very much up in the air, especially as Robin’s now ex-boyfriend, movie star Dorian Marsten, hasn’t accepted things are truly over between them.

Meanwhile, Ben and Ashley are still enjoying their post-honeymoon bliss, and have decided to work on the next generation of Redbourns. Only it’s not so easy when neither of them have the necessary biological equipment, meaning the road to them becoming parents isn’t going to be straightforward.

This is the fifth Modern Crofton novel. Each story features a new couple falling in love at Crofton Hall, with the continuing life and love of Ben Redbourn, 16th Earl of Crofton, and the man of his dreams, Ashley (was Niven now Redbourn).

Buy for only $4.99 / £4.99 or read with KU at Amazon 


assessmentWhen a job sounds too good to be true, there’s usually a catch…

An injury leaves MMA fighter Greg unable to continue his career. He is broke and miserable until his former coach recommends a job to him that sounds like a perfect match. The eccentric billionaire Veronica Chase is looking for a live-in personal trainer, and Greg seems to be the ideal candidate.

Visiting his potential new workplace for an interview, Greg senses the job description might have been incomplete, though. The entire staff consists of beautiful men – including a charming cook named Mario – who all seem devoted to Veronica and call her Mistress.

When a house tour reveals a fully equipped BDSM dungeon in the basement, Greg is left with a choice. Does he bail, or, with Mario at his side, does he dare to explore this world of pain and pleasure that has always been a secret part of him?

A kinky M/M romance in a reverse harem setting.

Buy for only $0.99 at Amazon / Smashwords / Google / Apple / Barnes & Noble

New release!

midwestTake four hot jocks. Add their total opposites. What do you get? A serious heatwave in the Midwest …

Bully & Exit

After former college hockey star Nathan comes out of the closet and reunites with his high school boyfriend Caleb, it does more than change the direction of their lives.

Push & Pull

It pushes their best friends, former hockey player Brent and twinky fashionista Lowell, into a summer road trip they never planned to take together.

Touch & Go

Following an urgent call from Micah, an injured pro baseball player forced to move in with Justin, his physical therapist, old hurts are healed and a new friendship is formed.

Advance & Retreat

When a night out for the guys leads to meeting Ian, an Olympic hopeful swimmer who is fascinated by Ricky, a hotel manager by day and drag queen by night, it’s clear that none of their lives will ever be the same.

Enjoy all four titles in The Midwest Series in one convenient bundle.

Buy for only $4.99 (usually $9.99) or read with KU at Amazon 
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