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Tuesday 17th January

Book of the week!


The problem with pop stars is…we have a short shelf life.

Since I started in the business a decade ago—as a dewy-eyed pre-teen—a clock has been ticking over my head, counting down the minutes until I faded into obscurity. I thought getting the guidance of Raymond Montaine, hit-maker extraordinaire, would catapult my career into the stratosphere. Instead, he scammed me out of money before moving on to his next target.

I want payback for all he cost me, and there’s only one person who can help. The only other artist I know who hates Mitchell as much as I do.

Mathis Reisner.

Sexy as sin, and a brilliant composer, Mathis could be so much more than he believes himself capable of. While my first goal is ruining Raymond, getting Mathis in front of the audience he deserves is quickly gaining ground.


The problem with pop stars is… we’re disposable.

I burned bright for a year before the industry threw me out like old trash. Now, I’m a washed-up, former star who can only get work playing piano at a San Francisco tourist trap. I’m scraping to get by, and have Raymond Montaine to blame. He burned all my bridges before casting me aside.

When Iggy finds me at Melody’s Piano Bar and asks for help exposing Raymond for what he is, I tell him where to stuff it. It doesn’t take long before I reconsider.

Why not? I have nothing else to lose.

Smart, funny, and adorable to boot, Iggy fits into my life in ways I never dreamed. With him by my side, we’re heading to the Bremen Town Music Festival to expose Raymond to the world. I can’t help but hope that along the way Iggy realizes we can make our own beautiful music together.

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disciplineA slacker with a record and a bad attitude. A no nonsense bully with a very firm hand. A dorm room that can barely contain the heat.

I never planned on continuing my pointless education. But then I got arrested. Again. Hey, if those laptops weren’t meant to be stolen, they should have been locked up better.

Somehow, my latest stunt and lousy attitude landed me in Redwood Academy. An exclusive university where they’re supposed to turn screw ups like me into upstanding citizens. Or some crap like that. But, okay, fine, whatever. Still sounded better than jail.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, let me name a few. The dean’s got it out for me, because I might have broken a fairly big rule on day one. Gotta make an impression, right?

The troublemaking twink across the hall is obsessed with me, and his overprotective boyfriend doesn’t like that very much. What can I say? It’s hard looking this damn good.

And then there’s Bax.

My obnoxious new roommate has a vicious sneer and massive biceps, and a past no one will talk about. I hate him like hell. Except when I don’t. When he uses those strong hands to punish me in ways I’ve never dreamed of, hate is the last thing on my mind.

Oh, did I forget to mention the spanking?

See, Redwood’s all about the old school discipline. And, apparently, so am I. Because getting bent over and spanked by my roommate is pushing buttons I never knew I had.

Any normal person would be planning a jailbreak, I guess. Believe me, I’m tempted. But I’m starting to think I might actually belong here. Even worse, I think I might want to belong.

To Bax.

And that’s definitely a problem.

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New release!

embraceKage: Am I still a monster? Very much so. Am I loved? Absolutely. Will I burn it all down to protect my mate? You better believe it. Hunters have come to San DeLain once again, and they’re targeting humans and paranormals for their sick experiments. Many have gone missing. Some for many, many years. Then new information comes to light, and plans are made to raid their top-secret lab and bring home those taken.

But no one is safe, especially Austin.

In the midst of all this, an old flame returns, bringing chaos into their lives. But not all is as it appears to be.

Austin: Kage is still my monster, even if he’s no longer under my bed. I claimed him, and no flame from the past is going to take what’s mine. But the ex isn’t the only danger lurking in the shadows. The hunters have struck close to home, and something heartbreakingly evil is exposed, shocking the paranormal community.

Especially Kage.

What is real? And what is nothing more than a mimic of the real thing?

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