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Thursday 1st December

Book of the week!

snow goodThis Christmas, Trouble Tastes Like Chocolate

Maximillian Arthur Felstead is up to no good.

Having taken it upon himself to plan an anniversary surprise for his brother and his fiancé during their annual December ski trip, Max realises nothing happens quickly this close to Christmas. Deciding chocolate is the answer, Max accidentally incurs the wrath of chocolatier, Luca, who’s having a pre-Christmas nightmare of his own.

Luca is short staffed and short on patience, and he isn’t enamoured with Max’s clueless demands, even if he is utterly gorgeous. So when Max reaches out to apologise, Luca can’t help but be drawn in by his charm and Max’s offer of help, especially when their chemistry is hot enough to melt the ice on Mont Blanc.

With their time together running out, can a little Christmas magic help Max and Luca find what they’ve been searching for?

Up to Snow Good is a 49,000-word, low-angst MM contemporary Christmas romance featuring snow-topped mountains, Christmas market cuteness, delicious chocolate, and plenty of sweet, steamy moments.

Buy for only $3.99 / £3.99 or read with KU at Amazon 
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benefitsWhen a reclusive musician avoiding the spotlight and Hollywood’s favorite trainwreck get snowed in together, what could go wrong?

Austin Ash is famous for trashing things. Hotel rooms, relationships… his career.

After his latest public meltdown, he’s desperate to reclaim the spotlight— and get it off his ex’s embarrassing revenge album. Presenting at The Snowglobes and owning the legendary afterparty is the perfect plan… Until he parties a little too hard and wakes up trapped in the middle of nowhere with the one guy alive who’s not charmed by his chaos.

Marco Palmer is music royalty. And he’s about to renounce his title.

Music is his family’s legacy and all he’s ever known, but an award-winning role on a hit tv show changed everything. A secluded mountain cabin is the perfect place to make the most important decision of his life… Until he ends up with the world’s most obnoxious, attention-seeking rock star throwing a tantrum in his guest room.

Stuck together at the worst possible time, tensions get high, tempers get hot, and the tabloids see something that just isn’t there. Right?

Austin is definitely not interested in the old school know-it-all who torpedoed his splashy comeback. Even if Marco makes him feel safe for the first time in years and is tapping into some embarrassing secret desires.

Marco is definitely not interested in the jaded, burnt out rock star who trashed his quiet weekend. Even if Austin is sweeter and smarter than he acts, and is clearly in need of a firm hand and the kind of attention fame can’t provide.

But the photo breaking the internet that’s hot enough to melt all the snow outside?
That says different.

And that kiss they’re not talking about?
That says different too.

Snowed In with Benefits is a steamy, kinky, cozy, hurt/comfort, trapped-together, opposites-attract MM romance bursting with comfort food, attitude, spanking, secrets, celebrity scandal, and two lonely, imperfect people falling in love.

Buy for only 99c / 82p or read with KU at Amazon

 New release!

rudyThe Christmas Curse…

Not only had Rudy drawn the short straw as far as family names went, but he’d lucked out on his shifter genes as well. Male reindeer capable of getting pregnant were as rare as rocking horse poop…well, you get the idea.

So when the hottest, sexiest, absolute best night of his life happened with a complete stranger he should have known that within a few short months he would spend the rest of his life paying for it.

Forced to turn his gun on a teenager in Seattle, Gideon had run back to his roots all the way to Alaska. Merrytown had 365 days of Christmas cheer, and all Gideon had to deal with was Christmas fairs, reindeer rides, and the occasional drunk.
He just missed the stranger he’d spent the best night of his life with a few short months ago.

I could write the rest of this description—but let’s face it, we all know what’s going to happen.

The question is, will Rudy’s bells really jingle when he finds out who Merrytown’s new police sergeant is, or will it be a Silent Night for the rest of his life?

Buy for only $3.99 / £3.44 or read with KU at Amazon 
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snowbodyJude longs to have a meet-cute with the love of his life. But he learns how fun a happily ever after can be when he falls in love with a man whose imagination is as lively as his own.

Jude Moore

What’s better than running into the love of your life in an airport while enacting a scene worthy of being in a rom-com movie? That would be having the meet-cute gods snow us in together at a hotel with only one bed. Luckily, that’s only the start of my incredible relationship with Rigby. There’s so much more to our story because the real fun begins once we get home.

Falling for Rigby is easy because he’s tall, adorable, and an academic nerd that makes my heart do the fandango. He’s also a total sweetheart who knows how to make me swoon by indulging my wildest fantasies to make all of my wishes come true.

How could I not adore a man who gladly takes me on the trip of a lifetime to the Camelot of my dreams, where he’s the romantic King Arthur to my Sir Lancelot?

Rigby Pasquali

I never thought I’d be the “fall in love at first sight” type, but Jude makes me believe in romance and a happily ever after. He’s the first partner I’ve ever had who makes me feel safe enough to explore new sides of myself and discover what I want. When his creative imagination is as vivid as my own, it means there are no limits to the magical wonderlands we can create while we role-play scenarios that tick off all of the boxes on my wish list.

How did I get so lucky to end up with a boyfriend who can be everything I’ve ever desired and complete me in a way I never knew I needed?

Snowbody Like You is the first book in the Suite Dreams series and part of the Sunnyside universe. This novel features an insta love, role-playing, forced proximity, opposites attract, gay romance. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and no angst stories that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll enjoy this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

Buy for only 99c / 99p or read with KU at Amazon 

 New release!

admirerAn MM fantasy winter holiday novella.

A shy botanist. His secret admirer. Could it possibly be the nymph he pines for?

Edwin knows he is ordinary, plain, and dull. Whilst he usually looks forward to the winter solstice, this year he will be spending the long winter nights alone.

Then Edwin discovers a solstice gift from a secret admirer on his doorstep. Could it be from the mountain nymph, Sinoe with his gentle manner, striking white hair, and silver eyes. But how could boring, bookish Edwin possibly interest the stunning mountain nymph?

Buy for only $2.99 / £2.99 or read with KU at Amazon 
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