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Friday 25th November

Black Friday deals!   

rescueIn an infinity of starlight, through anguish and betrayal, can love still shine?

Raphael Lewis of the Mars Colony wanted nothing more than to fly his ship, Agatha, and to remain with his family.

Lord Teo of the Chi’NoSa had other ideas.

On a routine trip to the asteroid belt, Raphael and Agatha are injured by a Chi’NoSa ship. After healing, he is held prisoner by the Chi’NoSa Lord Teo. Unsure what is wanted from him, and unfamiliar with Chi’NoSa protocol, Raphael only wishes to return home.

Lord Teo’s curiosity about the Mars colonist he inadvertently injured is a new emotion for him. So are the inappropriate lust and confusion. When his temper gets the best of him, he finds he needs Raphael’s forgiveness so he may learn why this man evokes such feelings in him.

Through misunderstanding and politics, Raphael and Teo must learn how to bring together two such disparate species, all while navigating their own love story. Will the Chi’NoSa ever accept Raphael as Teo’s? Or will their love be destroyed in a supernova?

PLEASE NOTE: On page whipping, noncon/dubcon, aliens with questionable ethics, and man-on-alien love. If these are triggers for you, please choose another wonderful book!

Only 99c or read with KU at Amazon

elvesAn elven king is shocked to discover his potential mate… is a human construction worker?

When Dustin stumbles into Casersis and touches his magic amulet, Dustin’s hint of elven blood starts a magical chain reaction that puts him in mortal danger. The amulet’s power begins to rewrite his DNA from human to elf, and if humanity finds out, he’ll become a science experiment at best. But when Casersis senses the change, his first instinct is to hold Dustin captive.

Casersis wants his young potential mate to be safe and loved while he undergoes his magical change. Exiled from his home and throne by his son, and now a billionaire corporation owner, when Casersis issues commands, his people fall in line. But Dustin is so independent that Casersis doesn’t know how to hold onto him without suffocating his new lover.

Can Casersis keep Dustin safe by holding him against his will? Or will the threat of captivity erase the bond of trust they had just begun to form?

Only 99c at Amazon

barriersDetective Jamal Tuma was used to life not going his way. As an omega in an alpha dominated world, he’d experienced more than his fair share of bigotry when he’d decided to enter the police force. His life had been put in danger more times than he could count for no other reason than alphas above him thought it wouldn’t matter if he’d died on the job. Yet, in the six years he’d been a cop, he’d never come quite so close to death as he did when an alpha doctor didn’t feel it necessary to treat his gunshot wound.

Brace Jacobs had never given much thought to the omegas in their world. As a doctor, he’d taken an oath to heal, no matter their color, creed, sex, or even their omega status. But not everyone felt the way he did. It didn’t sit well with Brace, but he didn’t go out of his way to fix the problem, either. That was until Detective Jamal Tuma came through those doors and nearly died with Brace’s hands deep in his body as he fought to save the omega.

Warning: Hijinx and mayhem will ensue, as these two fight the world around them, as well as their own ridiculous preconceived notions, as they hope to build a future together. But that might be easier said than done when there are stalkers, assholes, idiots, and one very determined Patient Care Coordinator, who will kick everyone’s ass while planning a circus, if that’s what it takes for them to begin Breaking Barriers.

Only 99c / 77p or read with KU at Amazon

riseMy name is Harlow, and I’ve just been attached to a ShiftARS unit on an army base far from where I was settled. I’m 23 and recently out of training, so although I rank higher than the three guys in my team, they treat me like the newbie. The three guys are gay and also lovers so the team dynamics are off. Luckily these guys look at me like a conquest and welcome me in. They are huge guys, solid muscle and tower 6 inches above me. Despite coming top of my class in fitness, martial arts and target shooting, to them my 5ft10 frame makes me seem like a delicate flower. They think I’m straight, I won’t tell them I’ve been tempted before. Just like I won’t tell them my shift beast.

But all my secrets might come out anyway as these guys peel away my layers until they break my core.

Only 99c / 99p or read with KU at Amazon

fallThings do go bump in the night.

Running from a tragic loss, worrying over a missing brother, and flustered about dreams he can’t explain, Michael James searches for a peaceful place to call home. A quaint little town on the Florida coast promises to be just what he needs to start a new life.

Then myth clashes with reality, and Michael’s life is upended. Vampires, werewolves, and other magical paranormals prowl the city of Mystic Bay, his new home.

And not all of them are friendly.

Clayton Night, a seductive, powerful vampire, desires more than Michael’s blood—he wants Michael for eternity. The mighty
Clay Night has fallen, but can his love keep Michael safe from an enemy seeking revenge?

As darkness closes in, Michael has a choice to make—a short mortal life or an eternity of love and danger?

Only 99c or read with KU at Amazon

obsessionSomeone’s waiting for Eli. Somebody’s watching his every move…

Eli is used to looking after himself. Single for longer than he’d care to admit, he doesn’t need a man for more than a hookup, not when he’s got his loyal dog, Zeus, by his side.

But one night changes the course of his life. He meets Dominic, an actual copper and not the stripper he thought his best friend had hired for his birthday. A copper that has relationship written all over him and Eli set in his sights.

After his night out celebrating, another gift awaits him at home—but not a pleasant one. His birthday may be over, but the threats keep coming. Keep escalating. Keep hurting those close to him. Just how far will the monster behind them go? And how much will Eli lose before he can stop them?

This M/M romance from Beth Laycock features opposites attract, law enforcement/protector, hurt/comfort, and of course a happy ending.

Only 99c or read with KU at Amazon

awakeA M/M romance novel about daring to dream.

When Freddie Chandra went through the casino kitchen to see what was causing the commotion, he expected to find the usual: a cluster of vehicles in the alley, all refusing to give way. What he found instead was six people yelling at each other over a seventh, a thin dark man who made not a sound.

Edmund Robert was mostly thinking ‘well I’m buggered’ because he had no papers to display, no one was speaking in English, and the sign language he’d relied on for years wasn’t getting him anywhere. Then the most beautiful man in the world walked out of the kitchen, shut the rest of them up, and went to look at Edmund’s makeshift shelter. When he returned to the now-silent group, he said, “Bower bird.” Edmund looked up, startled, thinking ‘how did you know?’

In short order, Edmund was David Marlowe. Along with the new name, he had a proper job, and the safest place in the world to live. Not long after that, he also had Freddie. But the man at the top was going to Los Angeles to make a movie, and Freddie – the interpreter, the man who could speak to anyone – was going with him. Leaving David – the man who couldn’t speak at all – alone on the private island. Safe, working, surrounded by friends, but more alone than ever.

They were both such beginners at love. They’d barely learned how to be together. How on earth could they survive being apart?

Only $2.99 or read with KU at Amazon

strengthRoller derby, board games, and love collide in this roommates to lovers romance.

Roxie Esposito just opened a board game café in San Francisco and should be basking in success. Instead, she’s picking out shards from her last relationship and handling her perpetually drunk mother, both of which strain her finances and fuel the need for a roommate.

Melody Roberts finally got the promotion she’d been aiming for—across the country in San Francisco. The perfect escape from her stagnant life and the toxic relationship with her now ex-boyfriend.

The moment Mel answers Roxie’s ad for a roommate, the connection between them is explosive, warm, and real—everything they’ve both been longing for. Between horror movie marathons, board game nights, and deep talks, Mel and Roxie are falling for each other hard. Except the only problem with romance is they both seem to fail every single time, and when the grenades of exes, family drama, and their own insecurities drop, neither will escape unscathed.

Roll the Dice on Romance at Tabletop Tavern…

Only 99c / 99p or read with KU at Amazon

boughtConfessing to a crime he didn’t commit to save his lover’s life should’ve been simple. Not easy, but simple. The penalty for treason was certainly death, and Jace came to terms with that the moment he’d made his decision to protect the man he loved.

It might’ve been simple, too, if it wasn’t for Elias Ivers.

Even when the witch purchases him instead of killing him, Jace is positive he can withstand anything. No witch can break a werewolf, not even the notorious owner of the killing arena of Tartarus.

At least… Jace doesn’t think Elias can — right up until he experiences the witch’s cruel and depraved mind games for himself. Now? Now he’s not sure anything is simple… even standing by his convictions.

Now that supernatural beings have seized control of the world, life has become a struggle for the humans who once held power. Witches, vampires, and werewolves determine the fate of every single human, but their moral compasses have long since been shattered. Rebels, free humans, and slaves all share dreams of hope, mercy, love, and more. But with their fate so uncertain, survival isn’t enough… and they may have to sacrifice what is nearest and dearest to them if they want to change their lives.

Bought, Ravel, and Recoil feature different characters whose lives begin to come together in Owned and Temper. This dystopian series explores different aspects of the world, from utter darkness to the shining lights waiting to emerge. Because of this, the books range from dark erotica to romance to horror to action(ish) to bits of other things in between.

Free at Amazon

windowWhen bull rider Sterling Kingsolver wins a national rodeo championship in a stunning upset, he becomes the public face of the rodeo league. But the big bosses had other plans, and Sterling knows he’s in trouble. Worst of all, though, he’s headed to New York City to do a publicity junket. Sterling is a quiet cowboy from New Mexico, and all the fancy trappings of his new title don’t sit so well with him.

Jonas Burke is an experienced public relations assistant. He’s been hired by the rodeo league to get a hick cowboy from the middle of nowhere cleaned up and presentable by New York standards, and he’s been told to cancel his week-long Christmas vacation to do it.

The two men square off a couple of times, but as they get to know each other, Jonas begins to understand what makes a real cowboy tick, and Sterling starts to realize there’s more to Jonas than a flashy smile. While taking in the sparkle and joy that is Christmas in New York City, their friendship slowly becomes more. But when trouble catches up with them, Sterling’s days in the city come to an end and Jonas nearly loses his job. Facing that infamous midnight hour, Sterling and Jonas have to decide what their New Year will bring.

Window Dressing is an opposites attract, enemies to lovers romance featuring a rodeo cowboy, a city boy in a suit, and the magic of New York City at the holidays.

Only 99c / 83p or read with KU at Amazon

bloodBlood is a necessity, but love is a luxury they can’t afford…

Vampire enforcer Victor Schmidt doesn’t have time for distraction. His enhanced senses can track human blood in or out of a body, but it doesn’t usually smell like oranges, honey, and temptation. And it’s not usually coursing through the veins of a beautiful back-alley rentboy. That should make it easier, right? Pay, bite and be on his way.

While prostitution isn’t Laurie’s dream job, someone has to take care of his sister and her kids. But being a blood donor to a tall, dark and brooding vamp isn’t part of his career plan. Until he agrees…and it’s far more pleasurable than he could have imagined.

Nurturing isn’t in Victor’s wheelhouse, yet he finds himself tucking the all-too-tempting boy into bed. And feeling things he shouldn’t be. When Laurie’s attacked, it’s almost a relief: breaking necks is way more Victor’s style and he’s all-too-happy to kill. But Laurie being kidnapped wasn’t part of anyone’s plan.

Now Victor’s determined to save Laurie at any cost. Can he bring them both out alive, or will they die before they’ve even shared their first kiss?

Only 99c or read with KU at Amazon

sttsTwo weeks in paradise, one mystery sexter, and some sexy yoga times … but real life isn’t all rosy sunsets and walks along the beach.

Jasper is licking his wounds in paradise after being dumped, according to his ex, for someone more adventurous. The romantic Hawaiian getaway for two he booked hadn’t featured his sister as his plus one, but sometimes real life sucks.

For the two weeks he’s there his plans include hot dates with a sun lounger and working his way through the local craft beers. Nothing more.

Until he receives a sext from a wrong number. A mystery yoga instructor offering a private session to teach him the plow, and maybe even get plowed. Jasper’s never had a hookup with anyone before, but perhaps it’s time to prove his ex wrong.

This M/M romance from Beth Laycock features hurt/comfort, holiday fling, sexy yoga lesson, first time hookup, and of course a happy ending.

Only 99c or read with KU at Amazon

scintillaHow far is too far to go to save someone you love?

Brandon Lynch is magical. He’s a scintilla, wielder of electricity and is in love with a werewolf—or maybe he’s just in love with the idea of loving a werewolf?

Raul Fierro is a bounty hunter and a werewolf. He knows he loves Brandon. He’s made a promise to always protect Brandon and will carry out that promise at all costs.

When Brandon and Raul go head to head with human traffickers, Brandon’s morals are stretched to their limits. Will Raul keeping his promise tear them apart?

Tags: Nerdy geek is sexy, big bad wolf with a heart of gold; howling, so much howling, knotting, no one stops an angry werewolf, werewolves are hot! Sex is electrifying. Only a geek scares the big, bad wolf, hurt comfort, found family, protective werewolf boyfriend, love is always an adventure! Magical humans.

Only $2.99 or read with KU at Amazon

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