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Saturday 5th November

New release!

experimentWanted: Single, hot, young man to sweep…my best friend’s brother off his feet. Enzo After failing big in Boston, I’m back home with my tail between my legs. And then somehow I rope myself into getting Carson’s dating life in order. We make a bet. Get him a boyfriend before Christmas or I lose and I have to do what he says. Only considering the feelings I still harbor for him, losing may not be such a bad idea. Carson Everyone tells me I’m a workaholic. What I really am is a man with a broken heart. Until I get the wind knocked off my feet by my brother’s best friend. Under the mistletoe. Because apparently my life is anything but subtle. He’s hell bent on getting me a boyfriend that is not him, but he’s all I can think about. This little holiday experiment between us is going to end up in disaster. I know it. I just hope it doesn’t leave me with more pieces to pick up. The Holiday Experiment is a Christmas standalone and contains a young musician trying to find his place in the world, an almost forty-year-old workaholic that can’t catch a break, an adorable goddaughter that seems to repeat all the bad words and a witchy mom that loves to bake magical cakes and solve problems.
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charmsIt’s not easy living together in the tiny motor home, and tempers start to fray. But the four men only have to survive until their purchase of the ghost house goes through. When they become stranded on a ghost hunt, a few nights in a hotel provide welcome relief, but when Jackal shows up on Halloween, everyone knows their lives are about to be turned upside-down. Again. But with unexpected dark power set free, this will be a Halloween to remember. Voodoo needs to step back and look after his boy, especially as he might be on the verge of crushing his hopes when it comes to ghost hunting. Hunter needs a territory to patrol because marking the small space he has is getting on everyone’s nerves. Teddy needs to regain his confidence and find his place in his new life as an escaped convict, oh, and clear his name. Doll needs a conscience, but everyone knows that isn’t going to happen. And he really does love Halloween.
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New release!

wishedDreaming about my best friend’s brother is one thing, him actually falling for me is another. Baking cupcakes for the science department bake-off shouldn’t strike fear into the heart of chemistry teacher Noah, but his previous record hasn’t exactly been glowing. In an attempt to stave off another year in last place, Noah turns to the one man who might be able to help him: his best friend’s older brother, Spencer. Noah’s had a crush on the vibrant and sporty footballer turned baker for years, but the chances of anything happening between them are slim to none. Spencer is caring, funny, gorgeous… and totally straight. Spencer has never thought about dating men before, but after watching Noah lick buttercream off a whisk he’s suddenly realising he’s not as straight as previously thought. Revelations about his sexuality are one thing, but his footballing past being dragged into the present is another and Spencer isn’t sure which is more stressful. But he’s sure about one thing: he wants Noah in his life. Now all they have to do is figure out how to make their wishes come true. Like I Wished is a hot and heart-warming best friend’s brother contemporary MM romance featuring adorable ghost cupcakes, a bisexual awakening over baking, gate-crashed first dates, gym-bro besties, and lots of hot chocolate.
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liesFinding ‘the one’ was the easy bit. The love story is how you keep it all together. This is not a romance. This is what happens when life goes on, when people grow and fall out of sync. Not out of love; some people are just meant to be. Thomas at least hopes that is the case, even though he sometimes feels like he’s clinging to his marriage by a brittle thread. Frank clutches to the scraps that are left, knowing he’s the root cause of Thomas’ grey hairs, their kids being hormonal monsters and his own sanity being questionable at the best of times. Gabriel needs to stop worrying and take control of his life, but with young kids and a body that refuses to do what it’s supposed to do—to sustain and nourish and build muscle to keep bones in place—his feels like a traitor, laughing in his face when he struggles to keep it together. He knows he is loved. His kids are everything. But his marriage feels like a distant memory, and he’s tumbling from one disaster into another. It’s just…life. Bruno thought this holiday would bring them closer together as a family. Isn’t that what a trip abroad is supposed to do? Four weeks in the Swedish mosquito-infested countryside, sharing a farm with strangers. He should have known better. Life is good. But the rest? Lies. All lies. Life is Good and Other Lies is the story of one messy holiday, two crumbling marriages, five bored kids and a farm full of secrets. This is not a romance, instead this is a tale of those happily ever afters. The ups and downs, the good and the downright ugly. The pitfalls of parenting, the laughter and tears, and the joy of simply fighting for the people you love. It’s also an ode to friendships, because sometimes the family you chose, is the one who will have your back when it truly matters.
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New release!

leavesThe Blood of the Earth. The Breath of the Wind. Lochlann Wilde is a true summoner at last, earning his Crest, the admiration of his peers, and a hunky fae prince in one fell swoop. With the headstrong Prince Sylvain at his side, Locke is finally ready to walk in his father’s legendary footsteps. And to collect his inheritance, too, except for what he finds in the family vault. No one said anything about a fast-talking familiar. They certainly never mentioned a dragon. But deeper danger awaits. Sylvain and Locke must untangle the twisted curse threatening to strangle all life, first in the Oriel of Earth, and now in the Oriel of Air. They must face the Withering.
Buy for only $5.99 / £4.99 or read with KU at Amazon
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