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Tuesday 18th October

Book of the week!

naiadA naiad in chains. A lonely human fisherman who sets him free. A sweet and sensual MM fantasy romance with an HEA. Fisherman Tam lives alone in his cabin. It’s a quiet life, a calm life, and a lonely one. One night, he sees a naiad in a cage. Horrified, Tam buys the naiad and sets him free. But even after the naiad disappears into the ocean, Tam can’t stop thinking about the beautiful, slender nymph, with his dark-blue eyes. Shai has learnt the hard way that humans are to be feared. But when a human saves him, it upends everything he thought he knew about them. He knows he should stay away from the fisherman. They are from two different worlds. They have nothing in common. They don’t even speak the same language. And although the man rescued him, Shai knows humans can’t be trusted. But Shai can’t stay away. Nor can he ignore the desire he feels for this big man with his broad shoulders and hairy chest. But is there a chance for love between a human and a naiad? Or are their differences too great to overcome?
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New release!

ownersAww. I had the best Owner ever. Now I just had to make sure he knew I belonged to him and wasn’t on loan like some kind of library book. – Emerson Bouncing through life, the only things Emerson knows for sure are that he has the best job ever and one day he’s going to meet the Dom of his dreams. Working at Leashes & Lace has given him a fascinating job and wonderful friends, and now it’s given him Luca…the corset designer who is meant to own him. Hiding from everything he knows he shouldn’t want, Luca has spent a lifetime building up his business and fighting against his fantasies. Funneling his passion into his work, Luca’s become one of the most sought-after designers in the country and a desperately lonely Dom…until a mesmerizing model sweeps into his life and past every defense. Sparks and corsets fly when a wickedly sweet doll meets the Owner of his dreams, but even with his stubbornly sexy Owner dragging his feet every step of the way, Emerson knows fairy-tale romances like this always end with happily ever after.
Buy for only $4.99 / £4.51 or read with KU at Amazon 
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New release!

unexpeggtedRunning into your mate is one thing. Running into your human mate and being thrown into your first shift unexpectedly is quite another. Dragon shifter Cedric was raised to be yet another in the long line of Alphas in his family knowing that one day he would be leader of his flight. Not once did anyone question what his designation would be once he took his scales for the first time—not anyone but Cedric. As his twenty-fifth birthday and first shift approaches, Cedric has a feeling things will not go as his parents expect. Alpha Abel is excited to begin his new job in the mountains. He is good and done with life in the desert and not just because his ex keeps showing up at his door begging for him to take him back. Okay, maybe that is part of it, but his new job sounds amazing too. Not to mention the plethora of hiking trails at his disposal. When Abel goes hiking in the woodlands behind his new home, he expects to see squirrels, moss, and possibly a stream. He doesn’t expect to come face to face with the sexiest man he’s ever seen or to have the man turn into a dragon before his eyes. If only that was the most complicated part of it all. UnexpEGGted is a sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg dragon shifter romance featuring an omega who thinks he is an alpha, a human alpha who doesn’t know dragon shifters exist, a hoard more valuable than gold, true love, fated mates, an unexpected clutch, a happily ever after, and an adorable baby.
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naiad heartAn eager human virgin. An experienced naiad with no desire to settle. Gabriel lives a quiet existence as a seaweed farmer in a small seaside village. But his life is turned upside down when a naiad rescues him from drowning during a storm. Now Gabriel returns to his simple life in his village, but he is obsessed with the naiad, whose wild green hair; toned, naked body; and regal features consume his every fantasy. Gabriel must see the naiad again. The naiad, Alke, is an adventurer with no desire to settle. He is happy to swim wherever the tide takes him and have sex with whomever he meets. Then a human turns up searching for him. A virgin who stares at him with complete adoration and desire in his pretty hazel eyes. Who is Alke to resist? It starts out as sex. It’s meant to be temporary. Just some fun. But as they get to know each other, feelings grow. Can Alke admit that he wants more? And is Gabriel willing to wait for Alke to figure it out?
Only 99c / 99p or read with KU! Get the deal at Amazon 


pirateA pirate captain. A naiad who despises him. Raiya despises humans. They abducted him from his home, kept him in captivity, and forced him to fight other nymphs. But when a pirate ship crewed by both naiads and humans rescues him, he is confused at seeing them working and living together. What’s more baffling is his attraction to the ship’s captain, with his calm confidence, broad shoulders, and steely grey eyes. Even so, Raiya will never give in to his desire for a human. Silas is the pirate captain of the Naiad’s Revenge. His mission is to lead the crew in their fight against the Order. But when Raiya comes aboard, Silas can’t deny his attraction to the scowling naiad stalking around his ship. However, Raiya clearly loathes Silas, so there is no point wishing for something more. As they fight alongside each other, Raiya realises that Silas is different from the humans he’s dealt with before. Still, after everything humans have done to Raiya, could he ever love one?
Only 99c / 99p or read with KU! Get the deal at Amazon 


twinHe’s as off-limits as a guy can be. So why do I want no one but him?


Of all the guys in the world, I just had to fall hopelessly and irreparably in love with my twin sister’s boyfriend. No amount of parties with happy endings can put him out of my mind. Gabriel is also a dork, but he’s a hot as all hell dork. Somehow, he’s both a nerd and a jock and he pushes all my buttons. But he’s straight. He shouldn’t attract me the way he does. And did I mention they’ve been dating for two years? Yeah… They’re all but married. I’m officially the worst brother – and human, let’s not pretend – in the history of ever. And when my genius of a sister comes up with a bulletproof plan to help me pass my exams by convincing Gabriel to tutor me, I discover that my big, beautiful dork hides a secret even more ruinous than my own. The way he looks at me when we’re alone is almost all I’ve ever dreamed of. But how many hearts will shatter if I take what I want? Is it not better that I let my love die quietly? I hate wanting him. Gabriel I’m a hot mess and he’s off limits. We are a disaster in the making. I can’t say no to tutoring London. It would look like I’m hiding something, which I’m totally not. But if I were hiding something, it would not be easy to keep it hidden once the lessons begin and we’re alone. He crawls under my skin before I know it. He fills my mind with his rosy lips, high cheekbones, and sculpted muscles. His male muscles, which I totally don’t like. Except, when I’m alone, letting him into my thoughts is a comfort I desperately need. The more I’m with him, the more I see I might be dating the wrong twin. But there’s no easy way out of it. There’s no happy ending for anyone here. Unless… Unless I do what I fear the most and own up to the truth: London is all I ever wanted. The Wrong Twin Dilemma is the third book in the Frat Brats of Santa Barbara series. It features one dorky, straight jock, one player with a bruised and tender heart, a whole lot of pining, a journey of discovering new sensations (wink, wink), and a grand finale to resolve the mess they make. There is NO CHEATING of any sort and there is a happy ending for EVERYONE involved. The book can be read on its own, but it’s just more fun to start with The Fake Boyfriends Debacle.
Only 99c or read with KU! Get the deal at Amazon 

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