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Saturday 15th October

Series spotlight!

An MM fantasy romance series about nymphs and humans falling in love.

ANR1-4.AmazonTo Love a Naiad

When Shai, a naiad, is saved from captivity by a human, it upends everything he knew about them. He should stay away, but he can’t ignore the desire he feels for this big man. Is there a chance for love between a human and a naiad?

 A Naiad’s Heart

Alke is a naiad who swims with the tide and has sex with whomever he desires. When he rescues a human from drowning, he doesn’t think much on it. Then the pretty human virgin turns up, staring at Alke with adoration and desire. Who is Alke to resist?

 The Pirate and the Naiad

Raiya despises humans. They abducted him, kept him in a cage, and forced him to fight other nymphs. But when he is saved by pirates, he can’t help but feel an attraction to the calm, confident captain. But can Raiya ever love a human?

 Naiad’s Kiss

For years, the pirate Levrith has pined for his best friend and naiad crewmate, Ceto. But Ceto has always seen him as just a friend. But when Ceto is wounded, he leaves the ship with Levrith to recover. Is there a chance for more than friendship?

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rescuedWhen wishing for a new life, Elam finds out the hard way he should’ve been more specific. A year in the Alaskan wilderness was supposed to help nature photographer Elam start over. However, hitting his head and being rescued by one of the hottest men he’s laid eyes on in a while is not getting him off to a great start. Elam had promised himself he’d stay away from sexy guys after his rat of an ex cheated on him. Nicolai is a rare, blue-eyed white wolf shifter. He’s also an Alpha and the expected heir to his pack in the Alaskan Wolf Alliance. Much to his father’s dismay, Nic has stepped aside as ruler and ceded his spot as future head of the pack. As a gay shifter, he refuses to claim a female omega for the sole purpose of providing a child to carry on the family line. However, fate intervenes and puts Nic on a collision course with a human mate. When chemistry, love and the shock of what the growly Nic is blindsides Elam, he has some tough decisions to make. Does he let Nic turn him? Never go back to his old home? But the biggest surprise is yet to be revealed when Nic and Elam discover the new life Elam had hoped for is more than just his own—and that there are wolves frothing at the mouth to destroy it. Rescued by the Alpha is Book One in the Alaskan Wolf Alliance series and features an Alpha and omega who are fated to have lots of steamy, knotty fun and to make beautiful babies together. This suspenseful, action tale does include some peril to Dad and baby. But, there’s a fluffy, feel-good HEA and we all know wolves don’t cheat, so no worries there!
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New release!

WorldFrankie Hoffman is excited about her new job in Summit Springs, developing a mountain biking adventure program for M&M Outfitters. Riding is her passion, and she loves every adrenaline fueled moment of her sport. Sure, she could have gotten a similar seasonal job back in Vermont, but Frankie chose Summit Springs for a reason, and her name is Aspen Young. Aspen left Vermont after college graduation to pursue her dream of running an art gallery. She’s also a potter and moved home to Summit Springs to surround herself with amazing artists, all of whom are trying to make a living with what they do. Keeping the gallery’s doors open and her co-op of resident artists in business keeps her busy enough that she never thinks about Frankie anymore, and she has completely buried her broken heart. Aspen’s not impressed when she comes home to find Frankie standing in her kitchen, and she doesn’t mince words when it’s time for Frankie to go home, making it clear she doesn’t want to see Frankie again. But Frankie has come a long way to win Aspen back and one rejection can’t shake her resolve. Can Frankie make amends and get through Aspen’s walls? And if she can, will it be the forever love she is hoping for or just a summer fling? Top of the World is a second chances Sapphic (lesbian) romance set in the fictional town of Summit Springs, CO, featuring an ice queen artist and her mountain biker, rough and tumble ex.
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twinHe’s as off-limits as a guy can be. So why do I want no one but him?


Of all the guys in the world, I just had to fall hopelessly and irreparably in love with my twin sister’s boyfriend. No amount of parties with happy endings can put him out of my mind. Gabriel is also a dork, but he’s a hot as all hell dork. Somehow, he’s both a nerd and a jock and he pushes all my buttons. But he’s straight. He shouldn’t attract me the way he does. And did I mention they’ve been dating for two years? Yeah… They’re all but married. I’m officially the worst brother – and human, let’s not pretend – in the history of ever. And when my genius of a sister comes up with a bulletproof plan to help me pass my exams by convincing Gabriel to tutor me, I discover that my big, beautiful dork hides a secret even more ruinous than my own. The way he looks at me when we’re alone is almost all I’ve ever dreamed of. But how many hearts will shatter if I take what I want? Is it not better that I let my love die quietly? I hate wanting him. Gabriel I’m a hot mess and he’s off limits. We are a disaster in the making. I can’t say no to tutoring London. It would look like I’m hiding something, which I’m totally not. But if I were hiding something, it would not be easy to keep it hidden once the lessons begin and we’re alone. He crawls under my skin before I know it. He fills my mind with his rosy lips, high cheekbones, and sculpted muscles. His male muscles, which I totally don’t like. Except, when I’m alone, letting him into my thoughts is a comfort I desperately need. The more I’m with him, the more I see I might be dating the wrong twin. But there’s no easy way out of it. There’s no happy ending for anyone here. Unless… Unless I do what I fear the most and own up to the truth: London is all I ever wanted. The Wrong Twin Dilemma is the third book in the Frat Brats of Santa Barbara series. It features one dorky, straight jock, one player with a bruised and tender heart, a whole lot of pining, a journey of discovering new sensations (wink, wink), and a grand finale to resolve the mess they make. There is NO CHEATING of any sort and there is a happy ending for EVERYONE involved. The book can be read on its own, but it’s just more fun to start with The Fake Boyfriends Debacle.
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ground upMason Always have an exit strategy. That’s how I’ve lived my life for ten years, and so far things are going just fine. I know better than to get into a situation without knowing exactly when and how to get out. I don’t do commitments; not jobs, not social plans, and most definitely not relationships. I learned the hard way how bad the alternative can be. Jackson I’ve spent the last five years running from loneliness, and I’ve done a damn fine job. Now I’m ready to put down roots and make a home, somewhere other than Hollywood. I think I’ve found the right place, and I thought I found the right person. But I’m not sure I’m ready to burn all my bridges behind me, and I’m afraid that might be the only way I can prove how important he is to me. From The Ground Up is a steamy M/M romance featuring hurt/comfort and sexual awakening themes. You’ll also find an A-list movie star, a sweet contractor, beautiful homes, loveable family, and of course a happy ending. Book One of the Hot Dam Homes series.
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