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Saturday 3rd September

New release!

The monster: They say I am powerful. They say I am the darkness. They say I instill fear in the minds and hearts of many.

They’re right.

I am powerful. I am the darkness. I should be feared. Then I heard his cries and everything changed. Power can be tempered. There’s safety in the darkness. And the monster isn’t always the one under the bed.

Now only the heart and mind of one human interests me. He is mine. I wait, watching over him until the time is right to claim what belongs to me.

Austin: Do you believe there are monsters under the bed? I do. I don’t just believe; I know for a fact they exist. I’ve met one. Sort of. Okay, I haven’t actually seen the monster, I’ve only spoken to it.

Kind of hard to see much of anything when you’re hiding under the covers while waiting on your father to beat your ass. The monster saved me. Literally. He says I’m his, and he’s waiting for the right time to claim me.

Someone tell him to hurry the hell up.

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How he’d kept his cool, Ben will never know, but learning he owes the bank £5million thanks to his mother’s gambling debts means he must act fast if he doesn’t want to lose his beloved family home.

To save Crofton Hall, Ben Redbourn, the 16th Earl of Crofton, is going to need all his charm, lots of hard work, and not a small amount of luck. But he can’t do it alone, Ben needs help—and he needs it now. Enter Ashley Niven, events manager extraordinaire, and best friend of Ben’s little sister. Ashley might once have been a dweeby teenager, but he’s grown up nicely and Ben needs to remember he’s the boss, and that means keeping his hands to himself.

But Crofton Hall has many untold stories, and she’s hiding a secret dating back four hundred years to the 1st Earl of Crofton, Anthony Redbourn, which might just change all their lives.

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New release!

Sometimes the last place you want to be is the place you belong.

Alpha cheetah shifter Kenny loves life at the shore. Not once has he thought about going back to his small-town roots. One letter from a lawyer later, everything changes. Springfield might not be where he longs to be, but it’s exactly where he’s heading. He plans to take care of business and return to the coast before high season begins. All he has to do is sell a house—how hard can that be?

Omega Tyler moved to Springfield to fill in as an adjunct mathematics professor after his dream job in the city was cut. He doesn’t mind the small-town vibe, but he’s lonely. Going from a bustling city to the middle of nowhere where everyone knows everyone and you’re simply “the new guy” is not an easy transition. But his job is fulfilling, and his new rental home adorable. He can’t complain—that is until the owner of said rental sends him a thirty-day notice out of the blue.

When Tyler overhears some of his students talking about a dating app, Love and Hate, he figures he has nothing to lose; it might even distract him from his apartment-hunting woes. Tyler instantly matches and connects with someone else “new” in town. It seems too good to be true, and it sort of is, his smexy date also being the person evicting him.

Matched to His Cheetah is the twelfth book in the sweet with knotty heat Dates of Our Lives series, an M/M mpreg shifter dating app romance brought to you by the popular co-writing duo of Lorelei M. Hart and Colbie Dunbar. It features a cheetah shifter facing his past to find his future, a human unaware that shifters exist outside of romance novels, an adorable pet chinchilla, fated mates, true love, an adorable baby, and a guaranteed happy ever after. If you like your shifters cuddly, your alphas hawt, your mpreg with heart, and your HEAs complete with true mates and a bundle of joy, one-click today.

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Get all of today’s deals of the day or check out all our featured new releases

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