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Saturday 20th August

New audio release!

Falling for my childhood sweetheart wasn’t part of the plan.

Moving back to Heather Bay wasn’t on Oliver’s agenda for the summer, but after inheriting a cottage in dire need of renovation, he doesn’t have much choice. Supervising the builders should be easy…except the man in charge is Oliver’s childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend.

Lane’s spent nine years desperately trying to forget his first love, but that doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about Oliver in every spare moment once he discovers Oliver’s back in town. Falling into bed together isn’t supposed to mean anything, even if Lane’s emotions feel too big to be ignored.

Being drawn to each other is one thing, but being stuck together after disaster strikes the renovations is another. The pull of the past is strong, but Oliver and Lane have been down this road before. This time they’ll need to learn from their mistakes so they can finally keep their promises.

Like I Promised is a steamy second-chance contemporary MM romance featuring former childhood sweethearts, interfering friends, questionable barbecues, a very lazy Collie, cozy coffee shops, and secret beaches.

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A sly fox has me chasing his, ahem, tail. I hate that I love it, but there’s no way I’m falling in love. Is there?

Omega fox Duncan Dougherty is a laid-back, fun-loving guy. A little too laid back. After a blow-up argument with his family, Duncan takes off, looking for adventure and freedom. He stumbles onto the Bolder territory, where he takes one look at grumpy alpha wolf Jorik and makes it his life’s mission to rile him up and make him smile. The chase is on, and it leads to a blistering heat. Duncan doesn’t want to be tied down. Or does he?

Alpha wolf Jorik Bolder doesn’t want to fall in love. He’s too short-tempered and too busy with his extended family to think about a mate and pups of his own. That is, until a wily fox appears on his territory and teases him until he has no choice but to give chase. When he catches the fox, there are fireworks. The problem is, Jorik’s still hurting from a tragedy is his past, and doesn’t know how to open up. Will he let his dream fox leave?

What happens when the big bad wolf catches the mischievous fox? Can the lovers open up enough to share their love for one another? What about the little surprise that comes from Duncan’s heat?

This is the third book in the Seven Corner Shifters series. It can be read as a standalone, but is best enjoyed in series order. This book has a HEA and contains occasional strong language, MPREG, and hot, spicy grownup stuff. The omegas are heating up and the alphas are very knotty boys.

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New release!

It’ll be a piece of cake.

Alpha Ambrose is supposed to be out of town for the weekend, but his plans fall through. Instead, a colleague asks him to take his place at the Bachelor Cake Auction. Ambrose protests because he can’t cook, but his friend provides the baked goodie—a pavlova of meringue slathered with cream and tropical fruit—saying no one will find out he can’t boil water.

Omega Leyland and a friend’s vacation is ruined when a computer glitch grounds their plane and postpones their trip for a week. There’s more bad news when his friend can’t change his vacation days. Though he’s not in the mood to celebrate, Leyland attends the Bake Sale Auction because the money raised is for a children’s wing at the local hospital.

After a winning bid and confusion about the date package Ambrose is supposed to have arranged, Leyland takes charge and suggests the alpha accompany him on his tropical vacation because his friend can’t make it. They’ll have separate rooms, of course, because they’ll be staying in a villa.

The omega describes a holiday filled with warm sunny days on the beach, balmy nights outdoors eating seafood delicacies, along with midnight swims in their private pool, set against a backdrop of tropical scents and the soft lapping of ocean waves.

How can Ambrose refuse?

Pavlova Passion is the fourth book in the Bake Sale Bachelors Season Four series. It features an alpha who rarely makes spur-of-the-moment decisions,an omega who isn’t content to sit still,eccentric guests at the resort who’ll entertain you with their antics, an adorable baby, and a summer vacation filled with tropical flowers, passion, and love.

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All four bestselling Geek Ink books together in one box set—the complete M/M romance series featuring geeks and bad boys!

Geek Tattoo

Stone is straight. That’s the first reason the brooding tattoo artist can’t be the one for geeky animator Matty. But when the two men enter into a fake relationship, cuddling up close starts to feel far, far too real.

Crave Me

Dedicated botanist Milo is a babbling sweetheart. Tattoos are not his style, but when his friends convince him to get some ink, he ends up in the chair of Joey, a silent, troubled artist. In the quiet drone of the shop, desire bubbles beneath the surface until a fateful blizzard blows through town, and their surprising connection ignites into something neither man expected.

Just a Kiss

Alexander has always been secretly in love with his best friend and roommate Rafael, who remains blissfully oblivious. When Rafael starts an apprenticeship at the tattoo shop, his confidence grows, and Alexander’s pining spikes. Rafael doesn’t do relationships, and Alexander doesn’t do casual. But that’s no reason to turn down the friends-with-benefits arrangement that Rafael proposes, right?

Gruff Touch

Drew comes to town seeking to learn more about the father he’s never met, and grumpy tattoo artist Caesar is his only lead. Caesar pushes the bright young man away. He doesn’t want to revisit his past, and especially not with a stranger half his age. But something deep inside Drew insists that Caesar should be his, if only he can get the old grump to see it, too.

Four linked, full-length novels with low angst, high steam, and opposites-attract fun! Enjoy!

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