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Saturday 30th July

New release!

Come join us for a fun-filled vacation in Mystic Pines, Alaska, where the weather isn’t always warm, but our hospitality is.

Anook Jackson had been born and raised in Mystic Pines. It had taken effort but his idea of transforming his barely there town into a resort was coming together. But they still needed to attract more permanent residents to offer more activities for their guests. What he didn’t expect was for someone to think it was good idea to open a virtual reality business. Who in the hell was going to come all the way to Alaska to sit inside and play video games?

Dillon Collier had needed a change. He’d been making wrong choices in his personal life for too long. Hoping a completely different location would help, he took a huge chance and moved to Mystic Pines, Alaska. Huge mistake. He didn’t even know towns existed that had bears, moose, and other wildlife walking down its streets.

With absolutely nothing in common, Anook and Dillon do their best to stay away from each other. But little do they know the old adage, opposites attract, is real. Are they too stubborn to look past their differences or will other forces have to intervene?

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New audio release!

One broken collarbone, two stubborn men, three interfering chefs, four weeks to go, five chewed garlands, and The Pear Tree covered in snow….

Ben’s Christmas Plans:

1. Finish the staff schedules, get the orders done, and make sure the next month runs smoothly because December is hell.
2. Break collarbone at rugby.
3. Scrap all plans. Drag Ianto in to help.
4. Avoid staring at the gorgeous Welshman, even if he does look surprisingly hot in a Christmas sweater….
5. Remember how much of a pain Christmas is.

Ianto’s Christmas Plans:

1. Take Ben to hospital after accidentally injuring him, even though it wasn’t my fault.
2. Feel very guilty and offer to help Ben with his epic to-do list since he refuses to take time off.
3. Eat my body weight in Patrick’s mince pies.
4. Learn how to tie ribbon bows that don’t look squashed.
5. Try not to fall for the very grumpy Yorkshireman who hates Christmas.

Spiced Kisses is a 78,000-word contemporary MM Christmas romance featuring a lengthy to-do list, holiday hot chocolate, a workaholic who hates December, a Welsh personal trainer who loves it, some very interfering staff, and a little Christmas magic.

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New release!

My fated mate leads our rival pack. Can our forbidden love flourish, or will a terrible secret rip us apart?

Omega wolf Larkin Bolder was raised by his much-older brothers after a tragedy rocked the family. Back home from college, he’s all grown up, but they still treat him like a pup. Then Larkin meets his fated mate, Tracer Ramirez. He’s handsome, older, tough, doting and…the lead alpha of the rival pack, with whom the Bolder pack has a barely-stabilized feud. Larkin isn’t afraid of love. He’s ready to walk in, eyes and heart open. The problem is, Tracer’s keeping something from him. Something related to the feud. When the secret’s revealed, will it tear them apart?

Tracer Ramirez is lead alpha of his territory, and he keeps his bachelor pack well in line. Now in his late thirties, he never thought he’d find love, get mated, or have babies. When it turns out that Larkin Bolder, the sweet, brave, much-younger brother of the rival Bolder pack is his fated mate, Tracer does his best to stay away. He can’t resist an omega like Larkin for long, though, and the two begin a sweet love affair, but in the back of Tracer’s mind looms the secret that just might doom them, and turn the lives of their packs and everyone on their territory’s lives upside-down.

Will Larkin and Tracer’s bond start an all-out war? What happens when Larkin finds out the secret everyone’s been keeping from him? How will Larkin and Tracer find a way to stay together?

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New release!

Emery always dreamed of finding his alpha and raising a family. He finds two.

Alpha bear Monroe longs to settle down. Only one problem: the person he desires is not just an alpha, but his best friend who he works with. Risking everything to let Doran know how he feels can’t end well, so why bother? At least he gets to see Doran daily. That’s something.

Alpha bear Doran struggles to be strong enough to reveal that he loves his best friend. It would be a lot easier if they weren’t both Betas for their den. And even easier than that if one of them was an omega. But that wasn’t how things turned out. One day he’ll summon the courage to let Monroe know. Until then, Doran’s grateful for every minute he gets to spend with his true love.

Omega snow leopard shifter Emery is traveling the country aimlessly, trying to settle his beast. Every time Emery considers stopping to grow some roots, his animal pushes him to keep going. Thankfully, as the owner of his graphic design company, he isn’t tied to a cubicle. He can work from anywhere. If only his other half would allow him to pick a place already.

When Emery stops at Bruin Ridge to rent their visitor cabins, his snow leopard settles for the very first time. When he meets Monroe, Emery thinks he knows why… but then he meets Doran, and nothing makes sense. Or is it everything that does?

Alpha Bears for Emery is the fourth book in the popular Bruin Ridge Bear-ginning series, a sweet with knotty heat M/M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance by the co-writing team of Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart. It features two alpha bears who didn’t see what was right in front of them, an omega snow leopard who never thought he’d find his mate, much less two, best friends to lovers plus one, fated mates, and, of course, an adorable baby… or three. If you love your shifters hawt, your omegas strong, and your mpreg with heart, download your copy of Alpha Bears For Emery today.

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New release!

Being alone has its advantages but not when you’re longing for someone to share your life.

Alpha shifter Finlay gave up a successful career in finance. He left the bright lights of the city behind and headed for the mountains where he built a home overlooking a river, which is a must-have for an otter shifter. Finlay spends his days making jewelry, which is a far cry from his former hectic lifestyle. He has no regrets except one: he has no mate.

Julian loves hiking, and he’s taken a two-week vacation to walk a trail by himself. The first week is better than expected with clear blue skies, stunning views, and fresh air. But with a cold front comes rain and a drop in temperature, forcing the omega to stay in his tent, and gives him ample time to question his life choices.

Finlay is used to solitude and rarely has visitors. When two strangers arrive at his door, he’s wary but welcomes them into his home, while Julian wakes up one rainy morning to find two men inviting him for breakfast in a tent they pitched next to his. Both the alpha and omega find messages after the pair depart, which give them perplexing instructions.

An alpha and an omega who both enjoy their own company find themselves living under the same roof. Can they find their way to be more than roommates?

Make Mine an Otter is the fifth book in the M/M mpreg shifter, sweet-with-knotty-heat series. It features an alpha otter who’s given up a life for a very different one, an omega whose passion is challenging himself, a pair of matchmakers who appear at odd moments, a cute baby, and a happy forever.

Only $3.99 / £3.99 or read with KU! Check out all our featured new releases

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