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Valentine’s Day deals

Only $2.99!


Sparks ignite when Cupid takes aim at two mortals in Las Vegas: Randy Jones, an average guy on a company vacation, looks into Garrett’s eyes at a craps table and time stands still. Throwing aside everything he believes, Randy engages in a torrid two-night affair with Garrett—only to panic when he realizes he’s fallen in love.

Cynical billionaire Garrett Shiffler has everything money can buy, and most of his dates can’t see past the dollar signs. Life has taught him that innocence and love are figments of the imagination. But when Randy disappears, taking with him feelings Garrett thought he’d never know, Garrett wages the most important battle of his life to win Randy’s love—but this time he fights with his heart, not his bank account.

Meanwhile, Cupid wonders what happened. His golden arrows never fail unless the Fates interfere. If Garrett wants to win Randy back, he’s going to have to do it on his own, because the Fates have other plans for Cupid.

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This is what I’ve wanted for fifteen years, to build a community where people are accepted for who they are, a place of tolerance and open-mindedness. I’m not here to be distracted by a tall, blond farmer who’s never explored his bi-curious side. So why am I cancelling meetings and sitting in the dirt with him when I should be closing the deal on this piece of land?

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Only 99c!


Levi’s family knows he needs to find a way out of his funk and be a part of the world again. His brother, Jesse, invites Levi to join him in sunny Spain for the holidays, but a delay at the airport finds Levi at Jesse’s home while his brother is stranded in Scotland. Luckily Alejandro—Alex—is on hand with a key, a friendly smile, and a willingness to keep Levi company. He might even manage to draw Levi out of his shell for some mutual flirting.

Levi surprises himself when he accepts an invitation to spend New Year’s Eve with Alex at Alex’s café, but is he ready for more when it means jumping back into life feetfirst? Besides, with an ocean between them and Alex hiding a part of his life that Levi isn’t sure he can handle, they’ll need their own Three Kings’ Day miracle to stay together.

This M/M romance from Beth Laycock features brother’s best friend, hurt/comfort, unusual holiday traditions, and of course a happy ending.

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Only $1.99!

Marc returns home from London to his isolated Welsh cottage for good, having found his ex boyfriend shagging someone else in their bed. Who’s the thin, freezing cold man with the bruised face he finds in his barn? Will the tenuous connection between them grow, or fade away?

A 9,000 word short story to mark the Welsh St Valentine’s Day, St Dwynwen’s Day, the 25th of January. With chickens. A meet-cute contemporary gay romance.


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Only $2.99!


This New Year’s, Alexis’ kiss is on his list.

Jackson Finley loves his job. His bar, the Funky Cup, is everything to him—except that he’s beginning to realize that maybe there’s more to life than sixteen hour days and too many spreadsheets to count.

When Jackson runs into Alexis and his delightful Greek food truck—and the best hummus he’s ever had in his life—it’s almost enough to remind Jackson that all work and no play makes for a very dull boy.

But when he bumps into the charming Alexis a second time, during his annual New Year’s Eve party, Jackson knows that when the clock strikes midnight, there’s only one thing he wants: his lips on Alexis’ lips.

For one night only, he can have it all.

But nothing ever goes to plan, and when Jackson realizes he actually likes the guy, and wants more than just kisses?

Jackson is going to need some holiday magic.

Kiss & Tell is set in the Food Truck Warriors universe, but can be read as a standalone.

Please note: this novella was released originally as part of the Winter Wonderland giveaway, but additional content has been added.

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Only 99c!

It’s always been a thing, the gag joke gift Pontus Andreassen’s so-called friends present him with for Valentine’s Day. Not that people care much about Valentine’s Day in Denmark these days, and anyway, all of them are now grown up and sensible and mature and… adult. Pontus hates that word. He hates it almost as much as he hates going out and meeting other human beings and engaging in socialising, conversation and mutual masturbation.
Until the day he gets gifted a cleaner, and his quiet Friday turns into the Valentine’s date from hell.

Louis Ramsdahl-Soto’s grandmother would probably have whipped his third-generation Chilean immigrant arse if she knew that he has turned her famous recipe for Pastel de Choclo into some Scandinavian vegan delicacy. She would have whipped his arse for a lot of things, he knows that. The problem is that Louis seems to lack that vital gene to get his life in order. Instead he has moved back home to his parents and started up his own company, which is going well, if only his clients would remember to pay him, and if he could sometimes remember to put his meagre earnings in the bank. He’s a little bit of a disaster, but at least he’s good at what he does. Until he meets Pontus Andreassen.

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Only 99c!

This is a republished story that has been completely rewritten and re-edited. It also has new content and added chapters. This is the start of a nine-book series.

A tragedy brought him back home. Can love convince him to stay for good?

Jaron McAllister thought nothing would ever change in the small town where he grew up. The same bullies would harass him for being gay, and no one would really care. Still, Pickleville is a better environment for his six-year-old son than the rundown neighborhood in the city. Despite his low expectations, he finds that Pickleville isn’t the same old tired farming town and some people missed him after all.

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Only $2.99!

A perilous climb to love.

After ten wonderful years together, despite challenges and changes, both good and bad, Griff Diamond and Clint Bishop still love each other but their physical relationship has lost the spark it once had. Griff’s career as a US Marshall is going strong, but after being laid off from his job Clint pursues a career as writer and becomes a published author.

When another writer turns his friendly relationship with Clint into an obsession Clint’s life is put in danger. Kidnapped and taken to the Jewel Cave system in South Dakota, Clint must use the skills he’s learned over the years from Griff, a seasoned caver, to stay alive.

Using every skill he has, Griff races against time to save Cliff from his crazed kidnapper. Will he get back the love he was afraid he’d lost?

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Only $1.99!

After hitting the big time with her most recent novel, Lucy Anderson’s ready for her next challenge. On the heels of her successful book tour, Lucy’s old high school friend Chelle Morrison calls her with a proposal: Lucy should buy the beautiful historic Crafton House and turn it into a writer’s retreat. Little River, Arkansas is on the cusp of revitalization, and they hope the retreat will bring new life to the struggling town.

Lucy sees herself as a savior to the town she fled from after graduation. In the nearly twenty years she’s been gone, she’s come out, become a successful author, and now she’s ready to rescue the women who never got out. What she finds once she arrives, though, is that while women like Chelle might have married their high school sweethearts, they haven’t been standing still waiting for an opportunity to thrive. Instead, the women of Little River are the driving force of the revitalization.

Even more surprising to Lucy is finding love in Little River with Emily Neville, the kid sister of the football player who escorted Lucy the night she was crowned homecoming queen. But, first, Lucy must convince Emily she isn’t just out to exploit the town before taking off again.

HOMECOMING is a stand-alone, low-angst, sweet-but-a-little-steamy, small-town romance with two leading ladies (yes, in love with each other). Length: a little over 70K words and a HFN ending.

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Only 99c!


An age-gap M/M romance novella about recognizing what you need … and how to ask for it.

Xi Duarte was still getting acquainted with the patients at Therapy Shop when Harry Sterling came through the door. All Xi could do for Harry that night was help the massage therapist. It was a surprise to realize he wished he could do more. Harry wasn’t Xi’s type, but something about him was hard to forget.

The latest episode of acute back pain was one too many: Harry couldn’t take it anymore. Coming that close to breaking down, in front of that incredible-looking guy at Therapy Shop, tipped him over from resigned to angry. Two years of medical consultations got him nowhere. It was time to try a shrink.

Six months later, Xi saw Harry again, outside the coffee shop. It was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other … and they were thorough. Now they needed to know if this was simply a spring affair, or if it was the connection they’d both been wishing for.

Adult situations, themes, and language; 29,800 words and a happy ending.

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Only $2.99!

Devon has waited years for his mate. Ollie is puzzled by the concept of romance.


I’ve waited patiently for Fate to make my paths cross with the man who would be mine. I never expected it to be another small-cat shifter, let alone someone who had spent his whole life believing himself to be a pet cat.

With the help of a dragon, I broke the curse stopping Ollie from shifting, though the warlock who cursed him was still out there and I didn’t know if I was strong enough to protect him.


I spent my whole life in a cat’s body, knowing the world around me through my cat eyes. Until I met Devon. He introduced me to a world of magic and love, and I couldn’t believe my luck when he found me.

With Devon, I finally had my forever home. If only I could convince him he wasn’t weak just because he was small. If only I could learn to be human.

Devon wants his mate to hurry up and find him, Ollie just wants a forever home, Fate makes sure their paths cross, Cam and Micah bomb the pack school, no really, OKAY it’s an air freshener bomb, they highjack the book for moment, cat shifters are ADORABLE, the dragon breaks a curse, Ollie is a clueless human, Noel introduces Ollie to EDUCATIONAL videos, Devon teaches him ALL THE THINGS, Ollie wants to learn romance, Mistvale family to the rescue.

Claws is a 55k words gay romance starring a snuggly cat shifter who doesn’t understand humans, a graysexual bobcat shifter who will slowly realize small doesn’t mean weak, and a found family who will support them every step of the way.

Claws is the first book in the Misfits of Mistvale series and each book in this series can be read as a standalone.

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Only 99c!

Patrick’s To Do List:
1. Tell family I’m gay
2. Make giant cake for anniversary party
3. Convince Connor to be my fake boyfriend for the weekend
4. Try to keep my hands off Connor
5. Make sure Connor doesn’t find out I’ve been in love with him for the last three years

Connor’s Steps for Success:
1. Perfect pole routine for Chrome Stars
2. Continue search for perfect music
3. Survive weekend with Patrick’s family without mauling him while sharing a bed
4. Prevent feelings from exploding like a glitter bomb
5. Make sure Patrick doesn’t find out I’ve been in love with him forever

Strawberry Kisses is a 78,000 word standalone, contemporary MM romance featuring a sweet pastry chef, sassy pole dancer, a nosy but loving family, fabulous make-up, fluffy feels, and copious amounts of cake.

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Only $2.99!

When I volunteered to work on a float for the LGBTQ Booksellers and Librarians Association and march in the Chicago Pride parade handing out flyers for Drag Queen Story Hour, I thought it would be fun and a good way to spend the day shirtless. I never imagined I’d meet the man of my dreams in the crowd, but there he was. We didn’t get a chance to talk, and now I’m left wondering if the connection I felt was real. Can you meet your soul mate in only a second?

I hadn’t wanted to go to the parade with my friends, but they insisted I needed to be reintegrated into Chicago’s gay society after years spent outside the city and promised the Pride parade would be the best way to start that process. I was less than convinced until a guy shoved a little neon green flyer into my hand and my heart recognized him as mine. Now I just have to track him down at something called Drag Queen Story Hour. Maybe my friends were right, and I am out of touch.

Story Hour is a 16,000-word standalone short that features a chance meeting, sexy librarians, a summer storm, and a shared appreciation for Chicago’s architecture.

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Only 99c!

Welcome to the AirB&D! We hope you enjoy your stay.

James Lawrey is a CEO with plenty of cred in corporate circles and plenty of cash to go with it. Privately, though, he’s learned the hard way that it might be impossible to find the one thing he can’t buy–a young man to look after who wants and needs a real Daddy, not just a sugar daddy. 

Textile artist Rye Henry’s last relationship went up in flames when his ex told him it was time to grow up. Rye’s got a lucrative business of his own, so he needs a lover who isn’t going to try to change him, a Daddy who wants his true devotion.

Both men drop a pretty penny to experience a few days at the AirB&D, a swanky vacation home in Maine, for a fantasy that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Even if it only lasts one weekend.

But could they get more than their money’s worth?

Of course. Just leave it to the matchmaker.

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Only 99c!

Are they finding love again after tragically losing their soulmates?

When Rick loses his Boy Leo in a motorcycle accident, his world crashes around him in London.

Tommy’s partner dies in a plane crash in Valencia, making Tommy a multi-millionaire overnight, but money is not what a Boy needs.

A year later, Rick travels to Valencia to help his recovery, crossing paths with Tommy. It awakens something in them both that they thought they would never feel again.

Will this be a brief holiday romance or the start of a great future?

All the wealth in the world means nothing to this Boy; he needs love.

Sweet with heat MM Age Gap Romance

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