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Monday 13th December

Book of the week!

“I never could have imagined it would be you. You’re my Santa?”

Donovan Woodward was the type to start playing Christmas music as soon as the temperatures dropped below seventy. He couldn’t wait for warm blankets, homemade ornaments, and writing his letter to Santa.

Most of all, Donovan loves the Secret Santa gift exchange his boss hosted every year. But when a handsome stranger shows up, he finds himself wanting a different kind of gift.

Will this stranger be able to grant his greatest Christmas wish by becoming Donny’s forever Daddy?

Grant Moore never cared much for holidays growing up. He was the eldest of his family, and often he had responsibilities that took away the magic of the season. By the time he reached thirty, he figured there was no changing his ways.

When his buddy Tank invites him to the NightShade Productions holiday party, he attends for lack of anything else to do. He didn’t expect to find an actual fairy floating around tossing Christmas magic at the guests.

Will Grant be able to thaw his cold exterior for the sweet, young Donovan?

This holiday season is full of secrets. Secret Daddies that is. Follow four of your favorite MM authors as they bring you tales of kisses, cuddles, and holiday cheer. Each Secret Santa Daddy book is a standalone and can be read in any order.

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New release!

One broken collarbone, two stubborn men, three interfering chefs, four weeks to go, five chewed garlands, and The Pear Tree covered in snow…

Ben’s Christmas Plans:

1. Finish the staff schedules, get the orders done, and make sure the next month runs smoothly because December is hell.
2. Break collarbone at rugby.
3. Scrap all plans. Drag Ianto in to help.
4. Avoid staring at the gorgeous Welshman, even if he does look surprisingly hot in a Christmas jumper…
5. Remember how much of a pain Christmas is.

Ianto’s Christmas Plans:

1. Take Ben to hospital after accidentally injuring him, even though it wasn’t my fault.
2. Feel very guilty and offer to help Ben with his epic to-do list since he refuses to take time off.
3. Eat my body weight in Patrick’s mince pies.
4. Learn how to tie ribbon bows that don’t look squashed.
5. Try not to fall for the very grumpy Yorkshireman who hates Christmas.

Spiced Kisses is a 78,000-word contemporary MM Christmas romance featuring a lengthy to-do list, holiday hot chocolate, a workaholic who hates December, a Welsh personal trainer who loves it, some very interfering staff, and a little Christmas magic.

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One moment of madness ended it all. A flare of temper, a thrown punch, and Jay Ruttman’s dream of being a footballer evaporated.

Thrown out of the Pro Academy, Jay falls back to Plan B. University. At least he got accepted onto the sports scholarship. It might keep his dreams alive. Now he has a new plan: Head down. Train hard. Get scouted. That plan does not include falling for a rock musician – last thing he needs is a posh muso stirring up those well-hidden preferences that could end Jay’s career before it can even begin.

Sebastian Saunders is out and proud. This rich kid rock musician wants to live it up, chase the dream and rock out for as long as he can, dodging his millionaire father’s plans for him to take the helm of the family business. He has a strict rule that he doesn’t date closest cases because he’s been there, done that. So that should mean not falling for shy sexy footballers, no matter how pretty their baby blue eyes are.

For the sake of his heart.

And both of their dreams.

Kick Off is the first book in The District Line series. A New Adult, Opposites Attract, First Time, Sports/Rocker Contemporary MM Romance serial featuring an east end cockney footballer, a west end elite public-school boy gone rogue and the London tube line that connects them both.

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New release!

Bear shifter Terrell’s collection of antique books is his passion. When he discovers that an antique bookstore is opening in town, he’s one of the first people at their door. Terrell crosses his fingers that he’ll finally fulfill his quest and locate a first edition copy of his great-grandfather’s book. It might only be worth a few dollars to most, but to him it’s priceless.

When Joe brings some misdelivered mail to his elderly neighbor, he finds the man crying, a soaking wet book in his hand. He soon discovers that it was the first book his neighbor ever owned and it wasn’t water that spilled on it—it was cranberry juice. After comforting him, Joe makes it his mission to find another copy, leading him to a new antique book store in town.

Both men find more than they’re looking for at the shop, when a small piece of paper falls out of their books with directions to meet at the local dog park. If it weren’t for the quirky owner, neither of them would’ve thought anything of it—but with Mr. Lucas, you can never be sure.

They both take a chance and head to the dog park, but are they willing to take a chance on love?

Make Mine A Bear is the third book in the M/M mpreg shifter sweet with knotty heat series. Make Mine A Bear features an alpha bear looking for more than a good book, a human who has no idea shifters exist, a magical bookstore, two dogs that win your heart—even when they’re being mischievous—a matchmaker who fumbles his way to a client’s perfect match and who is more than he appears, an adorable baby, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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New release!

“Long… thick… I didn’t ask Santa for this!”

As a recent college graduate, Layton Jenkins never thought he’d end up back home, or as a supervisor at a toy store over the holiday season. He also never thought he’d find presents, wrapped with ribbons and left out around the mall for him to find. Addressed to Little Layton, is someone trying to become a Daddy for the holidays?

Optometrist James Robinson has never had a holiday romance. He’s shy and indirect, but he’s confident where it counts. James’s love language is gift-giving, and there’s no better time to show love than over Christmas. Can Mr. Nice find a Little romance?

Working security at the mall, Colby Williams has seen it all, and he’s missing out. In an effort to find love, he’s using all the power as mall security at his disposal. He can go wherever he wants, but can Mr. Naughty get the Little he wants too?

Little Layton might find himself stuck between two Daddies… but will they make him choose? Or do they complete each other?
– – – –
This holiday season is full of secrets. Secret Daddies that is. Follow four of your favorite MM authors as they bring you tales of kisses, cuddles, and holiday cheer. Each Secret Santa Daddy book is a standalone and can be read in any order.

Only $3.99 / £2.99 or read with KU! Check out all our featured new releases

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