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Monday 23rd August

New release!

MagicianA magician in need of redemption. A loyal hero on a quest. And only one bed at the inn.

Once the world’s most legendary sorcerer, Lorre fled the Middle Lands after his own curiosity — and a misguided transformation spell — turned him into a dragon and nearly killed a king. He isn’t a dragon anymore, but he is hiding alone on a tropical island, avoiding people, politics, and his own reputation.

But now a hero has found him. And not just any hero. Prince Gareth’s full of patience, intelligence, a kind heart … and unfairly attractive muscles. And he needs Lorre’s help: his tiny mountain kingdom is under attack from ice magic, and Gareth hopes the world’s last great magician will save his people.

Lorre is done with quests and princes and trying to change the world. But Gareth might tempt him to believe again … in heroes, in himself, and in magic.

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50853C3E-1638-4627-B1DC-B915927FEE3AMy worst enemy. My biggest secret. He found out and now he’s courting me. Can I trust him?

Snarky, clumsy beta Cody Collier is stumbling his way to an engineering degree. He’s got a secret; he’s really an omega. He’s got a problem; his medication’s failing. He’s got an enemy; Grayson Hart, PK University star baseball player and ALPHA frat boy. They’ve been at each other’s throats since high school, but suddenly Grayson wants him mind, body, and heart. Grayson makes Cody want to spill all his secrets and face up to his past. After all this time, can Grayson be trusted?

Grayson Hart is a frat-boy alpha with everything going for him; he’s good looking, popular, and a star athlete. One day he scents the most tantalizing omega; his mate? Turns out, it’s the bane of his existence, beta Cody Collier. Now Grayson’s world is upside down. He starts a courtship that brings them together in a whirlwind romance. What’s he supposed to do when Cody’s still keeping secrets from the world, and from him?

How will Grayson and Cody end their feud and make a stand for true love? Can Cody face his demons once and for all? What about Cody’s health, and that of their unborn child?

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New release!

2F1CECF1-1B7D-4C21-84B6-89EFF2A6739BDemming had a plan… until the son of his enemy forces him to question who he is and what he wants.

Demming has been on a decade-long personal mission to right the wrongs done to his family. There’s zero room in his life for anything or anyone else, especially not the son of the man he holds responsible for stealing away his father’s company.

Thrust into a role he doesn’t feel ready for, all Hart wants is to make his father proud. Then Demming storms into his office, making demands. They may be at odds, but underneath the mercenary’s stubborn and gruff exterior, Hart discovers a lonely man with a kindred spirit.

With each moment they spend in each other’s company, the chip on Demming’s shoulder crumbles and soon he finds himself questioning who he is, what he wants, and where he fits, if not at Hart’s side?

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072C1605-BF2B-4FB0-952E-5027BFA2D2EBAfter a stint teaching in stuffy boarding schools, schoolteacher Zebadiah Kaine is delighted to find a school that allows freedom for both his love of nature and his unconventional teaching methods. Even if his family does think he’s mad for moving to the Montana Territory.

When he meets gorgeous but rude bookkeeper René Wellington, Zeb is shocked that such a small man can have such nerve, but as he and René are repeatedly thrown together in the cramped society of Bedford Creek, Zeb’s annoyance is replaced by maddening temptation.

René Wellington’s bookkeeping certificate is no more real than his last name. (He knows a very talented forger). Luckily, the Montana wilderness is the perfect place for a former swindler to settle into anonymity. Having spent his childhood in orphanages and brothels, René doesn’t make a habit of forming attachments, but when he takes wholesome, kind-hearted Zeb as his lover, he quickly learns Zeb isn’t the sort of person he can keep at arm’s length.

To find their happily ever after, they’ll have to contend with a matchmaking matron, a greedy railroad baron from René’s past, and their own deeply rooted convictions on love and morality.

Refuge for a Rogue is a sharp-witted MM adult historical romance with steamy love scenes, seduction by poetry, enough alcohol and tobacco to make the Gilded Age blush, and a guaranteed HEA.

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