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Monday 21st June

Book of the week!

vampireBeta of the Penhul pack with a vampire? Over his dead body.

Lucian is bored. After a century of being a vampire, nothing surprises him anymore. Life, such as his can be called one, has become predictable. Humans are predictable. Add in the fact he’d rather not feed from them, and a visit with a witch friend of his clan is a welcome distraction. But when he meets Benedict, it’s anything but predictable, especially when he stumbles across the man transforming into a dog before his eyes. And never in an eternity did he think he would find himself wanting to drink the mutt’s blood.

As beta of the Penhul pack, Benedict knows pack comes first, like having to spend weeks away in the Lake District on pack business. But the last thing Benedict expects to find when he returns is his brother having found his fated mate, or worse, a vampire feeding from his witch. His homecoming definitely won’t go down as his finest moment, and he’s certainly not prepared for his reaction to the bloodsucker.

Can Benedict see past their differences and put aside his prejudices of vampires? Or will his choice of mate cost him his pack?

This MM romance from Beth Laycock features enemies to lovers, fated mates, a vampire with an aversion to feeding on humans, a sexy man that can shift into an adorable dog, and of course a HEA. The Beta’s Vampire is the second book in the Penhul pack series and should be read in order.

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6A649FAF-652E-4B94-8F3B-5AFB72CA0BB2Alpha of the Penhul pack with a human mate? Never going to happen.

Addison knows grief can do strange things to people, but when he’s wandering Pendle Hill and witnesses a dog leap out of thin air, he thinks he must be going crazy. When the border collie morphs into a man—a very naked man—he has to be dreaming. Only when he wakes to find himself cold and alone, locked inside a bare stone room does he wonder if it was the start of a nightmare.

As the youngest alpha the Penhul pack has ever had, Drake knows he has a lot to prove. Increasing their dwindling numbers is hard enough but convincing his pack they can do so by working alongside humans is like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. He was taught, as all familiars are, that humans can’t be trusted, especially not with their secret. It’s no surprise, then, that he has no idea what to do when a member of his own pack brings a human prisoner to their den. But he’s definitely not prepared for the reaction the human elicits from him.

Can Drake put aside their differences, and Addison come to accept their similarities, to save the Penhul pack from danger? A threat that may end up costing Drake not only his life but that of his fated mate?

This M/M romance from Beth Laycock features enemies to lovers, forced proximity, fated mates, sexy men that shift into adorable dogs, and of course a happy ending. Book 1 of the Penhul pack series.

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New release!

daddyThere’s only one rule: don’t fall in love.


He’s the strangest man I’ve ever met; a true artist.

When Nicholas hired me for two weeks of shooting for his comeback collection, everyone warned me he was a hard man to work with.

Nobody thought to warn me about falling in love with him.

The moment I lifted my T-shirt and the shutter snapped, the sparks exploded and I couldn’t rid myself of those feelings.

No matter the gossip that follows him, he makes one thing clear: never mix work and lust.


The boy’s a natural; a proper sub.

He’s also the model that dragged me back into the business. When he moved into my house in the mountains, it was supposed to be business as usual. Except, it’s never business as usual.

I’ve been burned in the past and I swore never to let my guard down around another model, but that’s easier said than done when Dylan is all innocent attraction.

I must resist him, or else I’ll fall in love with him.

Daddy’s Precious is a full length MM romance with high steam, a man and a boy hurting from old wounds, one adorable kitten, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It can be read as a standalone.

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clientAn irresistible client. A carnal arrangement. What if he doesn’t want it to end?

Damien Lambert has been working at trendy Café Seuil in Portland, Oregon, for several years to pay off some old debt. By day, he helps manage the café’s daily operations along with his handsome coworkers. By night, well… let’s just say that there’s more than coffee on the menu.

On the floor above the café, mysterious, magic doors open to hosting rooms where the café’s employees take clients and satisfy their darkest desires. When Damien has finally paid off all of the debt from his past, he’s looking for a fresh start. But there’s one client left that he just can’t seem to say no to.…

The Problem Client is the first book in a steamy urban paranormal romance series following the men of Café Seuil and their male clientele.

If you’re looking for M/M shifter romance with a little bit of magic and a lot of spice, then pick up The Problem Client today!

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New release!

doorBurst pipes bring an older sub into a young daddy’s arms. What could go wrong?

Aiden Jones is thirty-eight and thirsty. Living above a drag bar in Spain, he’s trying to rebuild his broken life. But with an insatiable hunger for touch, will he fall into old habits with MuscleBoy20?

Preston Adams is a cocky bartender. Working his summer in the sun and living life to the fullest. With fluid thoughts on love, is he ripe for the picking?

Desperate for a daddy, will Aiden find a firm hand? And hungry for a taste, can Preston satisfy all his desires?

MR NEXT DOOR is an age gap gay romance with bedroom age play. HEA. This is a standalone in the Hot Boy Summer age gap romance series.

Only $3.99 / £2.99 or read with KU! Check out all of our deals and featured new releases

New release!

ruby 14.37.10Can an incubus half-breed find love with a mortal man, or are they destined to pine for each other forever?

 In Ancient Egypt when the pharaohs ruled the banks of the Nile, Mahu led a simple, if somewhat melancholy, life. Making papyrus filled his days. His needs were provided for, but deep in his soul, Mahu longed for companionship.

Dakarai, born of a demon mother and a human father, craved independence. A young incubus constantly in the shadows of his full-blooded siblings, Daka set out to forge a life of his own. 

While a starving Daka roams the streets hunting for a meal, the sight of a beautiful man walking alone stops him in his tracks. The handsome stranger is just what he needs to quench his spiraling thirst.

But Mahu turns out to be more than Daka bargained for, and his heart falls for the lonely man.

When betrayal shatters their foundation, can Daka and Mahu find their way back to each other, or is each soul destined to long for the other for all eternity?

Beyond the Ruby River is an MM Paranormal Romance featuring a steamy love story, a second chance romance, and the mysteries of an ancient world. This is book three of a series but can be read as a standalone with its own happily-ever-after.

Only $4.99 / £3.99 or read with KU! Check out all of our deals and featured new releases

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