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Wednesday 17th March

Book of the week!

bikerWhat do you do when you meet the tall, gruff silver fox of your dreams?
You flirt, pretend it didn’t happen, and secretly admire his assets. 
For research purposes, of course.

I came to Chester Falls to find my voice and save my publishing career. 
Instead, I find him.
Slade’s story is kept under a lock so strong I don’t know if there is a man out there that can break it. 
But I’ll be damned if I won’t give it a try. 

A biker with a past
A down-in-the-dumps author
A kitten with a tiger attitude
Two guys that discover there isn’t that much mileage between reality and fiction.

How to Catch a Biker is the fifth book in the Chester Falls series and features a May/December story between two guys who have more in common than they think, a group of friends who think everyone needs to be in love, and a small town like no other.

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demonAfter decades of unrequited love, this kangaroo will jump at the chance for a date. Any date.

Lovelorn kangaroo shifter Hamish Mulherne, drummer for the mega-hit rock band Hunter’s Moon, waited years for the band’s jaguar shifter bassist to notice him. Instead, she’s just gotten married and is in a thriving poly relationship. How is Hamish supposed to compete with that? But with everyone else in the band mated and revoltingly happy, he needs somebody. Since he can’t expect true love to strike twice, he signs up with Supernatural Selection. Because what the hell.

When Zeke Oz was placed at Supernatural Selection through the Sheol work-release program, he thought he was the luckiest demon alive. But when he seems responsible for several massive matchmaking errors, he’s put on notice: find the perfect match for Hamish, or get booted back to Sheol for good. The only catch? He has to do it without the agency’s matchmaking spells, and Hamish simply will not engage.

But Zeke starts to believe that the reason all of Hamish’s dates fizzle is because nobody in the database is good enough for him. And Hamish realizes that his perfect match might be the cute demon who’s trying so hard to make him happy.

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New release!

foreman“If only Leland would forget that Jamie was a drifter. If only he’d give their hearts a chance.”

With Farthingdale Ranch at risk, Leland Tate, ranch manager, has to get tough and make sure everyone on the ranch follows the rules he’s laid out. That means no handouts, no fraternizing, and no drifters.

But what happens when a young drifter comes looking for a job? What happens when that drifter makes Leland want to break all the rules?

A gay, m/m cowboy romance with age gap, hurt/comfort, first time, rescue, sunshine/grumpy, boss/employee, emotional scars, and opposites attract. A little sweet, a little steamy, with a guaranteed HEA.

Buy The Foreman and the Drifter to fall deeply and forever today with the first book in the new Farthingdale Ranch Series!

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hunterTheir assignment is to catch a serial killer. Unfortunately, that also means they have to work together.

Determined to save his career after an involuntary relocation to the Boston field office, FBI profiler Luis Gomes can’t afford any distractions. His newest task is to develop an analysis of a serial killer with connections to previous murders in the area, but Luis knows little of the city’s criminal history. When the local detective assigned as his liaison turns out to be Donovan, his ex-boyfriend from college, it threatens to throw the case off-course.

Luis can’t ask to be reassigned without losing his best shot at a comeback. He’s on shaky ground as it is. He also can’t forgive Donovan for casually dumping him at graduation. But a brush with death—and with those beyond the grave—convinces him he’ll need all the support he can get, even if it means Donovan finds a way back into his heart…

Massachusetts State Police detective Donovan Carey has been closeted for as long as he’s been gay. It’s the price he pays to stay in the good graces of his extended family. His brief time being open with Luis was never going to last. Now they’re going to have to leave their messy breakup behind them and work together—despite the lingering spark between them that refuses to die.

The murderer has no intention of making things easy for them, however. With their relationship in the balance, Donovan and Luis must race to find the clues in past crimes before the killer claims more victims in the present.

Hunter is a gay romantic thriller with supernatural elements and a HEA

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