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Wednesday 24th February

Book of the week!


Apparently time heals all wounds. Whoever came up with that saying obviously didn’t go to school with Lukas Ford. After i made a stupid schoolboy error, Lukas Ford made it his mission to make me wish that i was never born. How can the one person who makes my life a daily living hell be the same person i can’t stop wanting. I want to regret the day i first laid eyes on Lukas. I just need to bide my time and get the hell out of this high school.


After a life changing tragedy irrecoverably altered the lives of me and my family, I was left with no other decision to hide who I am to protect those i loved from coming to harm again. High school, is over, yet here i am years later haunted by the man whose face haunts my dreams. I messed up big time in high school, not this time though. One way or another, I am going to make Tyler Dane mine.

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New release!

knightsChitto is a humble farmer living in a small island village on a distant planet, but the fruit of his trees has a terrible secret…

He meets Tenoch, the man of his dreams when the circus comes to town, but his romance is cut short when the town is raided by conquistadors from another world. Chitto sets out on a rescue mission where he enlists the help of his neighbor and a secret order of knights who worship a dragon god. His lover and his friends are sold as slaves to the Earl of Málagan IV, where Tenoch finds himself caught up in a scandalous love triangle and a dangerous web of royal politics. Is he ever rescued? Does he want to be? Will Chitto’s secrets catch up with him? What happens to their friends?

Find out in this action-packed LGBT alternate reality indigenous space adventure.

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jayCollege professor Emile can’t shake the memory of Jay, the much younger man he met by chance over the summer. Emile never expected to see Jay again, especially not on the first day of the semester in Emile’s freshman literature class…

Emile has a comfortable life. His long, tumultuous relationship with a senior faculty member came to a messy end months ago, but he has a tenure-track position, good friends, and an excellent dog. He’s hardly going to risk all of that by giving into temptation with a student. Not even one who radiates that rare brand of gentle aggression that Emile has always craved.

Jay grew up as one of a handful of queer kids in a small town. His experience with men is basically nonexistent, but he’s sure nothing could have prepared him for the way Emile makes him feel. Even though Emile makes it clear that nothing can happen between them, Jay can’t bring himself to take no for an answer…and he’s a little worried about what that says about him.

Jaywalking is a MM romance with age difference and a professor/student relationship. This stand-alone short read is approximately 115 pages and has a happy ending.

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New release!

omegaMy biggest rival is posing as my mate for Valentine’s Day, all for the chance to best me. What if I’m not pretending?

Omega salesman Jeremiah Townsend doesn’t believe in love. He’s the best in spite of his worst alpha rival, Mitch Wasilewski. Still single, he’s secretly pregnant by artificial insemination and his family’s going to flip. When his meddling cousin Tajj starts sniffing around, Jeremiah offers Mitch the keys to his sales kingdom, his top-secret contacts list, to pretend to be his mate and father of his child for the big family reunion on Valentine’s. It’s only for convenience’s sake, right? So why does Jeremiah want Mitch more and more every day?

Alpha Mitch Wasilewski is a big shot salesman and a hit with the omegas, if he does say so himself. Still, something’s been missing since his biggest rival, omega Jeremiah Townsend, left the team without a word. When Mitch runs into Jeremiah, he finds him pregnant and desperate to fool his family into thinking they’re in love. He offers Mitch “The List” and the chance to be on top once and for all. It’s an offer Mitch can’t refuse; all he has to do is keep his heart out of it. Easier said than done; he’s falling for the omega and the unborn baby, too. Will his buried feelings rise to the surface?

Can they fool Jeremiah’s family? Can they resist their growing feelings? Will the baby be born on Valentine’s Day?

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