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Wednesday 2nd September


4ab969fa8b5993a11be447be49ef4d216f4653b4A range of never before seen MM romance stories featuring the trope of Friends to Lovers. Get the steals here

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trustHe desperately wants someone to care for him. Does he dare share his secret with the ideal man?

Sam is terrified of his own success. He may have set up a dream playroom at The Lodge for Daddies and their littles to play, but as a trans man, he struggles to believe anyone would want him as their boy. And though he feels an immediate connection with a handsome high school principal, he can’t stand the thought of being rejected.

Theron has spent his life focused on his career instead of himself. But now that he’s older, he’s missing that special someone to take care of. And the sexy college student who set up the playroom seems perfect – even if there are hurdles to overcome.

As the chemistry between them becomes white-hot, Sam’s reluctant to introduce his new lover to his family, dreading they’ll be angry about the age difference and their dynamic. And while Theron falls hard for the beautiful young man, he worries he’s too old to give his sweet boy a real future.

Can Sam and Theron overcome their fears to embrace the love they both deserve?

Trust in Me is the scorching third book in The Lodge series set in the kinky town of Annandale. If you like blistering bedroom scenes, tender relationships, and happy endings, then you’ll adore Quinn Ward’s spicy story.

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ghostsSoulmates across time. A sacrifice that could keep them apart forever.

In present day, near the village of Ornes, France, Devon works on his master’s thesis in history as he fantasizes about meeting a WWI American Doughboy.

In 1917, during the Battle of Ornes, Stanley is a young soldier facing the horrors of the battlefield.

Mourning the death of his friends from enemy fire, Stanley volunteers to bring the message for retreat so he can save everyone else in his battalion. While on his mission, mustard gas surrounds Stanley and though he thinks he is dying, he finds himself in a peaceful green meadow where he literally trips over Devon.

Devon doesn’t believe Stanley is who he says he is, a soldier from WWI. But a powerful attraction grows between them, and if Stanley is truly a visitor from the past, then he is Devon’s dream come true. The problem is, Stanley’s soul wants to finish his mission, and time keeps yanking him back to relive his fateful last morning over and over, even as his heart and body long to stay with Devon.

Will Stanley have to choose between Devon and saving his battalion? Will time betray their love, leaving each alone?

A male/male time travel romance, complete with hurt/comfort, French coffee, warm blankets, fireplace kisses, the angst of separation, and true love across time.

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New release & available in KU


There was a time in Detective Eagle Woodard’s life that he would like to forget, but Eagle’s past catches up with him and it’s threatening to destroy everything and everyone he holds dear.

Dr. Adam Coulter is recovering from a cancer diagnosis and Adam and Eagle’s relationship is stronger than ever, but the continued disappearance of their son, Michael, overshadows their happiness. A new threat appears in the form of a man Detective Eagle Woodard thought dead. Sergeant Dean Kessler aka ‘The Viking’ is on a mission to destroy his old Black Ops team mate. Secrets held in silence by Eagle for over a decade come to the surface, threatening his relationship with Adam and with Eagle’s family.

Not only is The Viking after Eagle, but when Dean Kessler finds his younger brother is in Albuquerque, he becomes a target for his older brother’s revenge as well. Eagle wants to deal with Dean on his own, but the people who care for Eagle the most aren’t about to let him do this by himself.

The question is, will Eagle be able to keep the worst part of himself locked away or will he need ‘The Skinwalker’ to help him defeat ‘The Viking’?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book begins about six months after the end of Book 2 in the Coulter/Woodard series. This is the third planned book in the Coulter/Woodard series. No others are planned at this time, but who knows if the muse will strike. There are secondary characters who might need to have their stories told, but if they do, then the stories will be standalone novels.

PLEASE NOTE: This story contains some scenes of BDSM, drug abuse, and violent death. If these are triggers for you, this book may not be for you.

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