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Friday 27th December

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ghhHe’d risk his life to find his brother. But he never expected to risk his heart as well.

Three months since his brother, Jake, went MIA, Lane Matthews is tired of waiting for answers. With a little help, he arranges a posting to Jeddah for his first overseas deployment—the perfect opportunity to find his brother.

Life in a foreign land isn’t quite like he imagined and neither are his duties. But when he meets his housemate, Tristan, while it may be memorable, it’s not one of Lane’s finest moments.

Tristan threatens to throw him way off course, and falling for the hot straight soldier is definitely not in his plans. But as tensions rise and the truth about Jake is revealed, will Lane’s heart follow orders or will all be lost like grains of sand swept away in the desert?

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natureAs a submissive wolf-shifter, Kelsey Yates has always bowed to the dictates of her powerful alpha wolf parents. That changed when she met Rue, a powerful alpha in her own right, despite the fact that she is human. When Kelsey’s parents learn of the forbidden relationship, they set out to put a stop to it. For once in her life, will Kelsey push beyond the boundaries of her omega status and fight for her happiness and her human mate?

“Nature of the Pack” is a short story that goes with the paranormal romance novel True Nature.

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life deathAs a prince, Ahmiki knows that his purpose in life is to serve their city and help its people find prosperity. Until the night that he is named as the living representative of the god Teska’atl, to be sacrificed at the end of the year. Ahmiki has to endure one year of humiliating rituals, unpleasant ceremonies, and a fraught political landscape.

At least he can take some comfort in the handsome and strangely unbowed servant who has been assigned to him…

Note: This 30k novella is a dark romance and contains heavy themes.

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togetherAfter splitting up with his long-term girlfriend and committing to his band full time, Jimmy is staying with his best friend and band mate, unsure what his future holds. When he meets an attractive woman on a night out, he hopes things are turning around for him, until she suddenly has to leave and he’s left feeling alone again.

Chris is happy with his easy-going life and hasn’t even considered settling down. There has never been a woman that he has been interested in getting to know and is happy sleeping with a different person every night.

An unfortunate incident at work has Layla quitting her job and unsure what she wants to do next. With the help of Chris and Jimmy, she manages to forget about her problems for a little while.

As they get to know more of Layla, Chris and Jimmy both start to have feelings for her but they are worried about what it’ll mean for them. With the band starting to make a go of things and trying to build a new relationship, can the three of them work something out between them, while dealing with their own issues?

This is a MMF story with sexual content. It is part of a three part series which follows each of the Red Heat band members. Each book should be read in sequence to follow the story.

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