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Thursday 31st October

99c / 99p deal

blinkBLINK is about a young optometrist, Arran Adatto, who’s patient Ezra Stern requires a little more than the usual care and attention.
Ezra may seem the Daddy type but hates labels…and Arran is way, way more than he appears to be!
Ezra is hard on the outside but harbours a deep loneliness and longs for love.
Arran lives a life full of lies due to his traditionally religious family.
Can he find the strength to be his true self for Ezra?
And who the hell is Iris Green?
This is a love story about two very different men. Ezra is a successful businessman living his life out and proud. Approaching the grand old age of 40, he begins to look at his life and realises he’s terribly lonely, and that his regular one night stands are not fulfilling him enough anymore. When he finds Arran, he thinks the young man is everything he never knew he wanted or needed. Yet Arran has a lot of baggage, not least of all is that he is in the closet about his homosexuality.
This book is at times loving and romantic while shockingly thrilling. There is angst for and from both characters, proving that sometimes, love just isn’t always enough and that there are consequences to everything we do…
Oh yeah – and just who is Iris Green, already?

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$2.99 / £2.31 deal


leaningLife is good for Eric Schuster. He owns a highly successful tech company, has a great group of buddies, and he’s about to marry his best friend, the man of his dreams. Eric is pleasantly surprised to find the transition from friends to lovers has been easier than he thought. But after running into an overly friendly ex-boyfriend on an impromptu trip to their shared hometown, Eric realizes things are about to get complicated.

Zane Richards is a quintessential California surfer dude turned professional sailor. His laid-back approach has helped him navigate difficult times in his life. Eric may not share his easy-going mindset but Zane knows without a doubt Eric is the one. However, carving a future together may require confronting a piece of the past Zane thought he’d left far behind. Both men will have to decide if they’re willing to risk what they know for a chance to lean into always.

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lovestruckWhen Colleen travels home to spread her mother’s ashes, she finds solace in her old best friend, Molly. Their weekend-long reunion brings back countless great memories from their youth. But it also revives a past crush that Colleen thought she buried away.

Meanwhile, Molly is grappling with her own feelings of attraction—feelings she never expected and can’t ignore. She doesn’t have time for love, though, with a 7-year-old daughter under her sole care and a mounting pile of debt.

Once they share a kiss, however, Colleen and Molly can no longer just be friends. They decide to give a long-distance relationship a shot. But busy lives, bad cell phone reception, and hundreds of miles between them prove to make it difficult. Will they be forced to give up each other, or will they find a way to make their love last?

LOVESTRUCK is a standalone friends-to-lovers romance with an HEA.

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New release


reviveTo Patrick Lefèvre, nothing matters besides his family, his friends, and sex. He isn’t cut out for relationships, and everyone knows it.

Since his divorce, Brandon Smith has had a lot going on. There’s no time for hookups or one-night stands. Not until he meets Patrick—a man as elusive as he is gorgeous.

Little does Brandon know that the man he just slept with is his new therapist. And his appointment is tomorrow.

Can Patrick and Brandon deny their deep attraction and develop a normal client/therapist relationship?
Can they limit themselves to hooking up once—or should they give their passion one more chance?

After all, what harm could come from one more night together?

REVIVE is a Bisexual Romance taking place in France and the USA. Though part of a series, it is a standalone story without a cliffhanger.

CW: Some biphobia. Please read the author’s note before starting the story.

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