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moving onTwenty-two-year-old foster care survivor Luke Kearsey got out of his abusive relationship and then got out of the country. Now he lives in England, where he works at a burger bar. Maybe his life is directionless, but at least he’s safe.

When thirty-six-year-old schoolteacher Paul Blackwell meets Luke at a club, neither man expects anything more than some no-strings-attached sex. Paul is still grieving the death of his partner of five years, and he’s not looking for anything serious. Not when it means he could get hurt again.

But despite all their differences, something clicks between them. Though Luke lacks confidence and finds it difficult to believe he can offer Paul much in a relationship, and though Paul is wary about starting a relationship with someone so different, they begin to explore the possibilities that could help them heal. With the love and support they provide each other, Luke and Paul begin to put their pasts behind them—but then Luke’s past shows up in England, and it wants him back. Is Luke really ready to move on?

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salvationAvery – Losing my heart wasn’t supposed to happen, not when a boy’s life is on the line. And not to someone like him.

I’ve spent the last four months advocating for a missing teen no one else seems to give a damn about, and now that I’ve finally gotten a break in the case, my only hope lies with a surly mountain man I shouldn’t be attracted to.

Warren is everything I don’t need. But those sad, soulful eyes suck me in, and the more time I spend alone with him, the more I start to glimpse the broken man beneath his gruff exterior. Broken… but in just the right shape to fit seamlessly into my heart. As we race to find the missing boy, I can’t help wanting to save them both.

Warren – Pushing people away is second nature for me now. After my daughter died and my marriage imploded, I knew happiness just wasn’t in the cards. That was until Avery swept into my life and made me hope for more.

Trusting him means opening myself up to heartache. Loving him could destroy me. But every time he smiles, my gray world explodes with color, and my heart yearns for the chance to call him mine.

I know I’ll have to give him up once we find the boy. Until then… he’s my salvation.

Join the Caldwell Investigations team in this brand new series as they fight for justice–and for love. Salvation is a steamy standalone that includes a sweet and determined optimist, a pessimist who can’t help loving him, and proof that body heat really is the best cure for those cold mountain nights.

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hotThere’s no way you could want someone like me… Right?

Simon Northbrook has the smarts, looks, and he is an excellent journalist for Ridgemont University’s Weekly paper. But Simon’s perfectionist nature hides a deep need to be loved and appreciated. Specifically by Ian Peters, his unbearably gorgeous editor. When Simon’s friend Zuko disappears, Simon’s investigation soon reveals that he is on the brink of a scandal that will rock the entire university. Will Simon let down his guard to work with Ian and solve the mystery, or will his fear of love stand in his way?

Flirty, fun, and above all sweetly romantic, the exciting new Ridgemont University series follows the exploits of m/m college students. Full of character-driven drama and suspense, and a healthy dose of romance and comedy, the boys of Ridgemont University are sure to steal your heart.

Hot Off the Press is a slow burn m/m contemporary college romance novel set in the fictional Ridgemont University. It has lots of flirtation and character development, medium angst, a little bit of heat, and a happily-ever-after ending.

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