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CE06EC15-A2A3-400F-B981-5198419CA369Marek and Adrian dated in high school, but a bitter breakup led them to choose different paths. Adrian is out and proud while Marek is in the closet. Adrian embraces his eccentricity while Marek clings to a conservative image. And while Marek worked hard to build a successful life and financial stability by climbing the corporate ladder, Adrian threw caution to the wind and has spent the last five years backpacking across the world.

Now Adrian is back in Warsaw, Poland, but while Marek thinks they will have a hookup and have a blast from the past, Adrian is just looking for a place to crash. Worse still, Adrian turns up at Marek’s advertising agency for help with his outrageous new business venture, and if Marek wants to get promoted, he might have to work with the guy who broke his heart.

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99c deal

58B5F1A9-5EFB-4E3D-AD71-F077B9BC1177When Sci-Fi Geek lands Sophisticated and Sexy, fan fiction dreams can come true.

Tech billionaire Michael Jones has always been a stereotypical geek at heart. Shy, socially uninterested, and crazy for Star Wars, he’s spent years creating a mask that helped him become the rags-to-riches phenomenon of the century.

There’s just one person who can crack the façade. One person who turns him into an incoherent, bumbling mess: James Jennings.

The sophisticated older brother of Michael’s best friend, James has been the centre of Michael’s fantasies from the moment they met. But those dreams can never come true, because why would a suave, successful, wealthy businessman want someone who’s just faking his way through life?

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2D1D3B04-3F05-43E0-A788-B84A859C54E4Sometimes, finding the right person changes everything.
“You helped me find what I’d forgotten I wanted.”

Different worlds…

Ethan Parker has his whole life planned out for him — and it’s a life he doesn’t want. But saying no to his family is too hard, so he buries his dreams and goes through the motions. Being on the swim team at Dalton University is his only escape from the constant pressure to be someone he’s not.

Sexy, mysterious Orlando Nolan seems to be Ethan’s polar opposite. Tall, toned, and tattooed, he looks more like a rugged rock star than an Ivy League student — but with one of the highest GPA’s at Dalton, he’s guaranteed a job at one of Silicon Valley’s best once he graduates.

“I’m not brave like you. No matter how much I wish I could be.”

Shared secrets…

When Ethan needs help studying, Orlando can’t resist the chance to spend more time with the blond, blue-eyed, all-American boy from his dorm. Neither one expects the bond that forms between them, or how easy they find it to open up to each other. Then Ethan spends Thanksgiving with Orlando and his family … and their unlikely friendship catches fire.

“He doesn’t fix me, he makes me realize that I can fix myself.”

And wrenching choices…

But family disapproval causes unhealed wounds to surface. Orlando doesn’t know how long he can wait for someone who’s afraid to love him back. But can Ethan sacrifice everything for the one person who makes him feel alive?

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