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active dutyThese fierce stories of love on the front lines grab and hold readers’ attention as they travel the world with these soldier on Active Duty. In the wake of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act getting repealed, Neil Plakcy brings the two issues together into heart-pounding vignettes of men of action who put their lives on the line to protect and serve. The heat of battle only amps up the level of excitement knowing that this tryst might be the last. These heroic hunks fight for love and honor and will have readers begging for their next debriefing!

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always himForgetting them was near impossible, but choosing one was harder.

Declan had kept his secret for so long; its revelation could destroy his family. Being gay wasn’t it. The truth was far worse—he’d fallen for his stepbrother, Ollie.

Returning home for the holidays wasn’t something he did very often, but his mom insisted on it that year. His trip home didn’t turn out as he expected; Declan’s world was flipped on its head by a sexy stranger. Now he was torn, unable to get Batman out of his head and Ollie out of his heart.

Note: this story was originally published in the Tempting Scrooge anthology, but has been substantially revised, reedited and additional content added.

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christmas wishThe only gift I want to unwrap this year is him. But it seems like Ryan wants to give me some big Christmas cheer.

And it’s getting harder and harder to resist.

Is this just a short-term reignited fling?
Or will my Christmas wish come true all year long?

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less than“Three people in a relationship is complicated enough, let alone when two of them are pretending to be the same person.”

Gregarious, sophisticated, comfortable in his own skin – surgeon Simon Gallagher is none of these things. That’s why – whenever the social occasion demands – he hires his extroverted actor twin Nathan to put on a white coat, flatten down his hair and pretend to be him for the evening.

Nathan’s latest mission? To chat up an adorable Bloomsbury bookseller named Rob, because Simon is far too shy to make the first move. Despite being busy with the role of a lifetime, Nathan reluctantly agrees to play Cyrano de Bergerac. It’s not like the situation is going to get messy, since Nathan’s straight.
Sort of.

As the romantic complications and cases of mistaken identity pile up, Nathan is forced to confront not only the fact that he’s further up the Kinsey Scale than he previously thought, but also that he might just be falling in love with his brother’s boyfriend.

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