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51w3IepzfpLTwenty-one years ago, a four-year old child was kidnapped from his front yard. He was never found. Until now.

All Nat Walker wants is to make his late father’s dream of running a father/son woodworking shop come true. And he had the perfect building in mind—until the new guy in town came in and bought the place right out from under him. The fact that the new guy is adorable means nothing. For all Nat cares, he can take his new dance studio and waltz back to New York City.

Professional dancer Quinn Carroll couldn’t be happier that he made the move to the small town of Lakeshore, Oregon. Sure, it’s not New York, but now he’ll be living closer to his adoptive brother. And since his studio will be the only one in the area, he should get enough business to keep him busy. Besides, there’s something about this place that seems familiar…

He doesn’t expect to fall hard for the local, grumpy woodworker who won’t even smile at him.

Or find out that his entire life is a lie.

aa7e2-fullsizeoutput_622This story is slightly different to the other books I’ve read by the author, a little more mystery than romance but still beautifully written. 

Not pulling any punches the story starts off with the heartbreaking scene of a child being kidnapped and the horror for those left behind. Fast forward twenty-one years to present day Lakeshore. 

This book took me through all the feels from sweet to heartbreaking. It’s hard to imagine how you would deal with finding out you were kidnapped at only four years old & the family you thought was yours…isn’t. That, in fact, you have a whole other family you knew nothing about. The author portrayed this so well and convincingly running through a gamut of emotions. 

Both characters are dealing with issues and look to each other for support yet it’s still a slow burn kind of romance. Also the relationship between Quinn and his brother Shay was one of support and love and what family should mean. A beautiful ending that emphasises that family can be what you choose it to be. 

The story raises a lot of questions some of which aren’t answered in the book but I have a feeling will be in the next in series which I can’t wait to read. 

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