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FinnMoving to a new town with his daughter had opened a lot of doors for Felix Finnley, aka, Finn.
A new shop and great friends can really go a long way!
Imagine his surprise when a late night trip to the ER, lands him in front of the most gorgeous pair of white-blue eyes, that he’s ever seen.

Enter, Nurse Jay; only in town for his terminally ill father, he’s not sure starting something with the man and his cute daughter is a good idea. Taking everything one day at a time seems like an okay idea, though, right?
A teeny-tiny secret and a badly timed sleepover shed light on an unforgotten past and some deeply hurt feelings.
Fortunately for Jay, Finn doesn’t give up so easily.

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$1.99 deal

Saving TannerAfter being kicked out of his parents’ house, mid-party; the only place Tanner Gleeson has to go, is…away.
With little money and only the clothes he could fit in a bag, he goes from a prestigious school with an influential family, to sleeping on the subway and shelters outside the city.
The only thing Tanner has left in his life is his love for music…and his passion for playing the piano.

Nolan Hendrix is a shark in his field; determined to make every bad guy pay for the crimes they commit against women.
He doesn’t have time for much, besides his couple of friends and the Aunt and Uncle that helped raise him.
Meeting Tanner was unexpected, needing him was complicated, but saving him was a necessity.

With threats from a family, a meddling Aunt, and Uncle, and a boss who may- or may not be part of the mafia…
It’s all just little pieces of what it takes… to save Tanner.

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The ArrangementCarter Haywood lives for the weekends—specifically the one weekend every month when he escapes real life, with all the pressures of work and caring for his special needs brother, to do whatever he wants, with whomever he wants. Sex is only a release; he’s not looking for love, a relationship or even a second night with the same man, until he walks into a bar and finds someone who makes leaving it all behind impossible. After one incredibly passionate encounter, he breaks his rule and goes back. He needs to see this man again. And again.

Damaged goods. That’s all Reed Kincaide sees and hears when he looks in the mirror. Anxiety and ADHD define his life and he’s learned to keep people at a distance, never letting them get close enough to know who he really is. When Carter proposes a monthly weekend of sex without strings, it’s the ideal arrangement for him. Or so he thinks. Every month, leaving Carter proves to be more and more difficult. It’s not only the intensely hot sex they have in their hotel suite; Reed wonders about the secret life Carter refuses to share.

As months pass and they grow closer Reed finds himself falling for Carter, but he needs more than hurried hugs and farewell kisses. He wants it all. Letting Reed into his carefully constructed family life could upset Carter’s whole world, but it might be the risk he’s finally willing to take, if it means keeping Reed. Once bodies are engaged, the heart is sure to follow, and Carter and Reed discover that holding on to each other is the first step in letting go of the past.

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Of gods and monstersGo ahead…hate me.
Slaughter me against the wall.
I never introduced myself as the goddamn hero. Even labeling me a pussy bad boy.

I’m an imperious villain! A tyrant cut from the bone of the worst kind of monster.

This is my story and I won’t change it for anyone in the world, but…

For him? The one who calls me Master… This is no forever fairy tale romance. This is RAW. This is ripping your heart out and trampling it till there’s nothing left but an angry bloody mess RAW.
He was the one who saw through my cracks, who would suffer my pain, blood and tears, working to mend those still bleeding wounds on my soul.
He stood through my violent storm, hiding the battle raging inside him, one I was too stupid to see, that was tearing apart the only man I would ever love.
It took almost losing him to see that, to understand, to comprehend what he truly was to me.


My precious boy.

My beautiful Beo.

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