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On camera, Pete is an erotic film star — but in real life, he’s shy and introverted. When he’s paired with Kyle for his next product, sparks fly… Can Pete find the courage to pursue love offscreen?

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TrustNewton Allen needs a new start. On the run from his past and uncertain about his future, he’s broken and scared, but he’s determined to make it on his own. Opening a small photography studio in the small town of Silver Lake seems like the perfect way to start over and follow his dream. All he wants is to live his life on his own terms, quiet and alone, with no reminders of the life he’s been trying so desperately to forget.

Gage Michaels was born and raised in the small town of Silver Lake. He’s tall, good looking, and owns the only gym in town. He has everything he needs—his health, great friends, and a thriving business. The only thing he doesn’t have is the one thing he wants more than anything… love.

From the moment they meet, Gage knows there’s something special about the shy photographer. Newton can’t believe the hot guy from the gym might actually be interested. However, when Newton’s past finally catches up to him, all Gage cares about is keeping Newton safe.

Newton will have to choose between learning to stay and trust or running away…especially as both their hearts and lives could depend on the decision he makes.

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BelleLove is a battlefield.

Shelby Summerfield is a Southern belle at a northern college in 1993, which is a challenge to begin with. And yes, Florence Truong, the object of Shelby’s lust and the only other woman on campus not wearing flannel, does catch her in what looks like a compromising position with a straight boy at pub trivia night.

But Shelby is a gold star lesbian and Florence’s dapper fashion sense makes her weak in the knees, so her rejection stings hard. To exact her revenge, Shelby cheats a little when putting together her own trivia dream team, because nobody strategizes to win like a Southern girl on a mission. And if trivia can’t settle their rivalry, then maybe the annual campus-wide game of assassin will do the trick.

Shelby’s gonna come out on top of Florence—in bed or out, one way or another. Bless her heart. And her silk pocket squares.

Warning: Contains obscene pub trivia team names, paint guns, a Southern belle with an exquisite grasp of battlefield tactics, and one dapper dyke who’s misjudged her.

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