All Hallows’ Eve

Will a centuries-old broken heart ruin the promise of new love?

Dominic Ashworth is descended from a long line of witches, although the family practice of witchcraft died out generations ago. Forever connected to a dark history, the house he grew up in remained in the Ashworth family for generations until his estranged father sold it.

On a mission to check out the new owners, Dominic runs into Caleb Jones and gives the gorgeous man his phone number—but getting a date should be the last thing on Dominic’s agenda.

Caleb and his best friend, Zach Briceworth, are oblivious to the heartache and magic tied to the foundations of their new home. When strange things start to happen, the truth emerges and surprises them both, especially as everything revolves around Caleb’s new love interest.

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Release date: October 2016

I don’t read a lot of Paranormal books because they tend to go easy on the romance. But not this book! It has a great balance between the characters love arc and the plot, and the two fed into each other and pushed the story on. So much so I couldn’t put the book down.

The idea of modern day witches with a link back to their family generations ago I found intriguing. Add in that something or someone appears to want to keep Caleb and Dominic apart and you have a book that kept me guessing how it would all end right up to the last page.

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